Annual General Meeting 12th December 2011

Minutes of the 2011 A.G.M. 12th December


NSWRL REFEREES’ ASSOCIATION Annual General Meeting Meeting Date…12.12.2011

Meeting opened at 6.45 p.m. by the Chairman Dennis Spagarino who welcomed all present.

 A minutes silence was observed in memory of Life Members John Montgomery and Bob Styles,

Non-Active members Barry Kendall, Keith Holman, MBE. And Alan Aggett who passed away during the year.

ATTENDANCE : As per attendance sheets: 87 present. 24 Life Members, 36 Active Members, 12 Non Active Members, 13 Delegates, 2 Visitors. APOLOGIES: Paul McBlane, Noel Bissett, Brenton Savona ( Canberra Delegate) Matthew Spohr ( Newcastle/Coalfields Delegate), Barry Barnes, John Connor, Graeme West, Paul Holland, Joshua McGowan ( Central Coast Delegate) Gavin West, Michael Stone, Joanne Spagarino( Balmain Delegate), Jack O’Sullivan, Michael Jones. Acceptance of Apologies. Moved D.Keen , Seconded B.Gately .

Carried VISITORS: The Chairman welcomed William Drury Deputy Chairman of CRLRA, Steve Betts CEO of the ARLRA and Fiedelis Liguory , External Auditor. Moved B Gately, seconded M Dunn that the External Auditor be permitted to remain at the meeting.Carried MINUTES: Moved, P.Kalina, Seconded T.Healy that the Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting be confirmed and adopted. Carried BUSINESS ARISING: Nil

CORRESPONDENCE IN 16911 – 18011 Nominations for Board of Directors from F.Leonard, D.Keen, J.Oliveira G.McCallum, G.Jankowski, L.Bugden , D.Spagarino , C.Ward, J.Stone 18711 Acorn Press. 450 Copies of the 2011 Annual Report. 19811-20313 Apologies for non-attendance from M.Hewitt, P.McBlane, N.Bissett, M.Spohr ( Newcastle/Coalfields RLRA), B. Savona and C.Nightingale ( Canberra District RLRA). Hon Graham Annesley MP. 20011 Fiedelis Liguory (External Auditor) Management letter to the Board for the Statutory Audit for the year ended 30th September, 2011.

CORRESPONDENCE OUT 11125 Notice of Annual General Meeting. 11129 2011 Annual Report. . Acceptance of Correspondence . Moved M.Lewis , Seconded S.Clapson Carried.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT. Dennis Spagarino began by referring to the first meeting of the Association that he chaired where there were just nineteen members present. The following meeting lacked a quorum. He said that there had been a significant improvement since then. He reported on 2011 major achievements in the following areas: i) Referee Development. The Association took back responsibility for the Graded squad allowing the Association to do what it does best— develop referees. There was an improvement in the Coaching structure and the Association was able to increase Coaching & Development grants to the Affiliated Associations. For 2012, the Graded Squad has already been fine-tuned with the addition of a coach. We are also exploring the role of the coaches to include Touch Judge coaches for the Junior Development and Graded squads. He repeated , “ It is the Association’s duty to find and develop referees”. ii) Womens’ Development Committee was put in place. The first Conference will be held in February, 2012 and will include a number of Country Groups. iii) Establishment of a Steering Committee comprising three NRL referees and the Executive of the Association that has reviewed the Association’s structure and developed some initiatives that could be put into place in 2012. iv) The History, Heritage and Fellowship List has been completed and enjoys enormous success. E.g We have just discovered the name of a Thomas Chipperfield ( deceased) , Graded in 1939 whose Graded Number is 290.His family will receive his Graded Certificate per Jason Higgins. v) A Widows’ luncheon was held. It is designed to recognize the widows of former Graded referees. There are now 34 widows on our list. vi) 300 Club established and to be launched in February , 2012 by The Men of League Foundation. It recognizes those referees who have officiated in 300 games. Thanks go to Russell Turner for his research on the project. vii) History.. This will be the last meeting of the Association to be held here in Phillip Street as the NSWRL is moving to League Central at Moore Park. A Museum will be established that will house NSWRLRA memorabilia. Terry Williams is overseeing this for the Association. viii) Social Fellowship. Functions held in 2011 received marvelous 180 present at the Presentation/Ladies Night.

 For 2012

• The National Commission should be in place. Papers were to be signed on the 13th December, 2011 but it is not going to happen. The Association needs to be prepared for its establishment

• The NSWRL/CRL merger has been placed on the back-burner.

• Major steps have been taken within the ARLRA including a restructure of the Board and the revision of the Constitution.

• There will be thirteen teams in the NSW Cup and a Reserve Grade competition in the Bundy Red Cup competition. Adoption of the Report. Moved B.Barry, Seconded B.Gilchrist Carried.

FINANCIAL REPORT Chairman invited External Auditor, Fiedelis Liguory to speak on the changes that occurred in the approach to and the findings in auditing the Annual Report. Discussed two things: – (1) Reasons for Changes and (2) Future Direction for the Association. He drew attention to the legislation governing the Financial Report and the Auditing process. He advised that the Audit was clean or unmodified. He said that Dollar turnover for the Association was now reaching $0.5 million. Change in financial governance has to occur even though improvement had occurred since December 2010. Chairman asked if there were any questions. D.Jay asked if the Auditor had issued an unmodified report. Fiedelis responded in the affirmative. In moving the Adoption of the report, Peter Filmer thanked the Auditor for his presence and agreed that the Association had to change in accordance with the law. Peter Filmer referred to the figures and formally moved adoption of the Report. Nathan Smith concurred with P.Filmer’s comments and urged the Association n to take on Board the fifteen points in the Management letter. Adoption of the Report. Moved P.Filmer, Seconded N.Smith. Carried

ANNUAL REPORT Alan Farlow responded to an invitation to speak on the Annual Report. He suggested that the 2010 Presentation Evening became an Auction Evening and asked how much was raised and where the money was directed. As there is no indication in the 2011 Annual Report. Chairman placed the question on notice. Alan then stated that he was totally opposed to a Ladies Night becoming an auction. It was pointed out by Doug Keen that this was not the case in 2011. Gerard Sutton moved adoption of the Annual Report saying it was a detailed and comprehensive report covering all the activities of the Association during 2011and a feature of it is to look at the list of referees in the back of the Report to see your own name amongst the greats of the past. He stated that it was a Report befitting of this Association of referees .The adoption was seconded by Ian McCall and he congratulated Dennis Spagarino on the manner in which he led the Association through the year and the way in which he had been supported by the Board.

ADOPTION OF ANNUAL REPORT. Moved G.Sutton, seconded I.McCall. Carried.

ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS D.Spagarino vacated the Chair inviting Steve Betts as the Returning Officer to Chair the Election of Office Bearers for 2012.B.Gately and M.Dunn to assist. Moved B.Barry, seconded I.McCall. Carried. PATRONS Nominations: Jack O,Sullivan, I McCall. J.O’Sullivan and I.McCall both accepted and were declared the Patrons for Season 2012.

1. Chairman . Two nominations received., Chris Ward and Dennis Spagarino. Chris Ward elected as Chairman. B.Cross moved, seconded B.Barry that Ballot Papers be destroyed. .Carried.

2. Executive Officer. One nomination received. Frank Leonard .Elected unopposed.

3. Director of Finance. One nomination received. Jimmy Oliveira . Elected unopposed.

4. Director of Member Services. Two nominations received. Luke Bugden and Jonathon Stone. Jonathon Stone elected.

5. Director of Referee Development. One nomination received. Greg McCallum. Elected unopposed.

6. Director of Affiliate Liaison. One nomination received, Doug Keen. Elected unopposed.

7.Director of Marketing and Communication. One nomination received, George Jankowski. Elected unopposed.

 Outgoing Chairman thanked Luke Bugden for his work on the Board and for all that he had done for the Association and wished him all the best for the future. He also expressed his best wishes to Chris Ward in the role of Chairman. At the request of Chris Ward, the outgoing Chairman remained in the Chair for the remainder of the meeting. .


1. That member’s subscriptions shall be ten dollars ($10.00) or two dollars ($2.00) for a pensioner.

2. That Affiliated Associations shall pay an Affiliation Subscription of ten dollars. ($10.00)

3. That in 2012 the Association will hold four (4) General Meetings commencing at 6.30p.m at Sports House, Homebush. Moved, T.Healy seconded B.Gately that all three be accepted. .Carried.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP Five members were nominated. Of the five, George Jankowski and Brett Lynch were recommended by the Board for consideration for Life Membership by the members present. Following a ballot, George Jankowski was elected to Life Membership . George thanked all those who had assisted him in Grade and those who supported him in the various roles he had undertaken with the Association. B.Gately moved Ballot Papers be destroyed. Seconded A.Konnecke. Carried.

NOMINATION OF INTERNAL AUDITORS P.Filmer, P.Kalina, D.Jay. A.Klein, B.Suttor were nominated. D.Jay, A. Klein and B.Suttor declined. P.Filmer and P.Kalina were appointed.

REPORTS William Drury, Vice President of the CRLRA. William reported a strong year. Biggest focus in 2012 will be to retain and to recruit referees to officiate in Country Rugby League. Nick Best stood down after 31 years as President and his place has been taken by Graham Turnbull. William thanked the Association for the invitation to attend the meeting.

Steve Betts. ARLRA had a strong year especially in overseeing the four National Carnivals. NSW Referees performed very well. Big focus has been on change to the ARLRA Constitution. Want to be at the forefront of refereeing when the Commission is in place since the ARLRA is the National body.

New Constitution and new Board structure was explained. Significant funding increases required to achieve goals.

M.Cecchin Five weeks spent in U.K. for Four Nations Tournament. People very hospitable. Football was hard and played differently by each country participating. Refereed in France as well. Matt said he felt very lucky and very privileged to have been appointed.

M.Lewis reported on progress of the Junior Development Squad. 58 in Squad . Will be trimmed to around 52. All acquitted themselves very well to date . Shaping very well for season 2012.

P.Filmer reported that Graded Squad had commenced training. Venues varied and the seven additions to the Squad are training well.

Jared Maxwell. NRL Squad returned on 17.11.11. Week-end away at Corrimal. Very taxing , physically. Limited injuries to commence the season.

PRESENTATIONS Graded Certificates presented to Paul Duncan.( B.Gilchrist to deliver.) Liam Nicholls, Ryan Jackson ( F.Leonard to deliver), Scot Murray, George and Amy Hansen Award presented to Steve Clapson.

Kasey Badger was presented with the Frank Walsh Memorial Trophy in recognition of her refereeing the S G Ball Final.

Tony Archer… SOO 1and 3 and the Ist Grade Grand Final. M.Cecchin for 1st Grade Grand Final D.Eastwood SOO 1and 3 and Grand Final Touch Judge. J.Maxwell SOO 1 Referee J.Younis SOO 1, Touch Judge P.Holland SOO 2,3 , 1st Grade Grand Final and Four Nations Touch Judge. S.Carroll SOO 1 Touch Judge.

R.Culkin ..A Shield in Recognition for his Role as an Ambassador to the NSWRLRA

G.Annesley A Shield recognizing his refereeing career. Graham not in attendance. To be presented at another time.

Meeting closed at 8.25p.m ………………………………….. CHAIRMAN

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