Annual General Meeting December 2016

Minutes for the Annual General Meeting December 2016



Annual General Meeting

Meeting Date…12.12.2016

At 6.35 p.m , Paul Simpkins in the Chair, ,welcomed all present and declared the meeting open.

A minutes silence was observed in memory of those who passed away during the year. Members Robert Culkin, Michael O’Neill and Max Tomsett and the family members and relatives of Association members.:- Peter Digby’s Father ( 22.12.15;) Joyce Bruyeres, widow of Laurie Bruyeres (21.10.16); Daphne Weekes, mother of Martin Weekes (24.01.16); Mary Holland, mother of Paul Holland (27.2.16), Steve Law’s father ( 3rd April,2016) Max Mannix ( 22.4.16) Judy Damaso mother of Matt Damaso ( 14th June, 2016); Rose Barry wife of Brian Barry.(5th November,2016), Margherita Spagarino ( 21st November,2016) Mother of Dennis, Nonna of Joanne Spagarino )

ATTENDANCE : As per attendance sheets: Present ( 6 members in two categories)

13 Life Members 27 Active Members, 9 Non Active Members, 12 Delegates, 1Honorary Member, 0 Junior Member, 0 Visitor . Total of 56 in attendance.

APOLOGIES: Brien Gately, Rohan Best, Brett Lynch, William Drury ( President CRLRA), Geoff Whiddon ( Secretary CRLRA), Patrick Mackey, Steve Clark ( League Business), Dennis Spagarino. Luke Bugden, ,Joe Griffiths, Barry Cross, Tony Archer, Tony Danks.; Steve Betts, Danny Christensen, Doug Keen ( League Business), Gary Haines (League Business). Greg McCallum.

Acceptance of Apologies. Move P.Kalina, Seconded J.Maxwell. Carried

MINUTES: Moved Brian Barry, , Seconded Ian McCall that the Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting be confirmed and adopted. Carried


i) The implementation of the Strategic Management Plan continues and an

evaluation of each of the Director’s Pillar of responsibility was conducted by the Chairman during September .

ii) The Board continues to work closely with the NRL and the NSWRL to ensure a

place in the game under the National Plan for Referees and the game as a whole. This has been well documented in the Annual Report.

iii) The issue of Affiliated Associations not being Financial at the time of the AGM

was addressed during the year and the matter overcome by extracting the $20 Membership Fee from all Association’s Administration Grants. All Grants have

been paid.

iv) Since the 2015 AGM there has been no further correspondence from Silvio Del

Vecchio on the existence of nor the activities of the NRL Referees own

Association known as the “Professional Rugby League Referees’ Association”

which Silvio reported to the 2015 AGM, had been formed.

Adoption of Business Arising. Moved B.Barry, Seconded D.Wintin. Carried


10 Items were tabled resulting in no discussion.


12 Items were tabled. No discussion.

Acceptance of Correspondence . Moved M.Lewis , Seconded B.Gilchrist Carried.


The Chairman Paul Simpkins thanked the Board of Directors for their efforts during a challenging year. Long term plans of the NRL have underscored the decisions made. Association finances were addressed with the object of making the role easier in the future.

The Coaching of Districts , including Coaches and referees was addressed and a plan approved and financed by the NSWRL. The structure is viewed as best practice and designed to lead the way in the future.

There is a need to look at the governance of District Associations and to do this will require resources from the NRL and the NSWRL. There is a need to work with both if the quality of refereeing is to go forward.

Socially, The Junior Representative Squad and the Life Members’ functions were a great success. Presentation Evening was lacking in numbers despite the Board’s response to a survey conducted earlier in the year re changes sought. The last attendee left the Club at 11p.m. We need to revisit the event if improvement in numbers and participation is to occur.

The Board is seeking a Match Fee rise for NSWRL Graded members.

The Chairman expressed his belief that the Association was strong and reflects the work done during 2016 and ensures strength in the future.

In closing, the Chairman thanked all members for their support.

Adoption of the Report. Moved I. McCall, Seconded P.Kalina Carried


ADOPTION OF ANNUAL REPORT. Moved M.Lewis, seconded K.Irons. Carried.


Adoption of the Report. Moved P.Filmer, Seconded B.Gilchrist Carried

The Executive Officer drew attention to the work done on the Annual Report by Grade Squad member James Vella who is a Creative Artist by trade and sought approval for an Honorarium for his work. Moved B.Barry, seconded P.Kalina that he receive an Honorarium. Following the Meeting the Board decided on a figure of $500.


All positions declared vacant. D.Wintin nominated by I.McCall , seconded B.Gilchrist as Returning Officer, With the permission of the meeting Bryan Gilchrist and Max Dunn were appointed scrutineers. Carried.

PATRONS I.McCall. Moved B.Gilchrist, seconded P.Kalina. D.Wintin . Moved M.Dunn, seconded B,Barry..As only two were required , both accepted and declared elected.

1. Chairman . Mr Paul Simpkins Elected unopposed.

2. Executive Officer. Mr Frank Leonard. Elected unopposed.

3. Director of Finance. Mr Darren Gocher . Elected unopposed.

4. Director of Referee Development and Affiliate Liaison Mr Matthew Hewitt. Elected unopposed..

5. Director of Member Services and Marketing and Communication.G.Jankowski and T Robinson were nominated necessitating a ballot. There were 56 eligible to vote, 55 votes recorded suggesting one abstention. Ballot was won by Tim Robinson.


1. Moved B.Barry, seconded M.Dunn (a) That in 2017 there will be two payment options for payment of membership fees for Non-Active members ; $50 for a five year subscription or $150 to become a member for life.. Carried

(b) Moved P.Kalina, seconded D,Briscoe that for Pensioners the fees to be: $10 for a five year membership or $30 to become a member for life.Carried.

Fees are to be paid by direct deposit into the Association Bank Account.

ACCOUNT NAME: NSWRL Referees Association

BSB: 062-002


REFERENCE: Use own name.

2. Moved J.Vella, seconded D.Briscoe That Affiliated Associations shall pay an Affiliated Subscription of twenty dollars ($20) Carried

3. Moved P.Kalina, seconded S Hayne that in 2017 the Association will hold four General Meetings on the first Tuesday of March, May, July and September at a venue to be advised. Carried


. The Chairman stated that three nominations were received for Life Membership at the General Meeting held on the September, 2016 ; S.Hampstead. M. Damaso, R.Daizli. The Board recommended at its October Meeting that none of the nominations go forward to the Annual General Meeting for consideration by the members present as they did not satisfactorily meet the criteria for the Award of Life membership.



P.Filmer and M.Dunn were nominated and elected unanimously.

B.Barry moved that Ballot Papers be destroyed. Seconded D.Gocher. Carried.


Kasey Badger reported on the changes to Mini and Mod League, changes that have arisen following Trials in 2015 and 2016.She said that information on the changes had recently been released. NSW will not phase in the Law changes for Under 9’s until 2018.

The reasons for the changes are:-

To increase retention of players

Pamphlets re the changes will be distributed.

There will be Sessions on the changes at the NSWRL/NSWRLRA Seminar

Kasey reported that some Local leagues are resisting the changes She made it very clear that referees will be instructed to referee to the Laws of the Game. In cases of dissent the District Leagues will be asked to deal with the issue not the Referees’ Association.


Following the death of Robert Culkin , Life member, Robert Garwood, suggested that the oldest living member of the Association be determined and that person asked to accept the role of Association Ambassador. The Board discussed the nomination and agreed that there was no one more worthy of the title given his service to the Association and the eulogy he delivered himself at his wife’s recent funeral. Brian Barry was nominated by Rob Garwood, seconded by Ian McCall. Carried.

A Presentation will follow at the March 2017 Meeting.


Presentations of Trophies were made to two inductees into the 300 Club.:-


Shayne Hayne 424 Games under the NSWRLRA criteria.

They include:-

First Grade matches: Referee 328, TJ 69,

Tests/international/World Cup: Referee 10, TJ 1,

(includes 2008 & 2013 World Cup & 4 nations)

State of Origin Referee: 14

City vs Country Referee: 2


Jared Maxwell..314 Games

271 Referee games

14 Touch Judge

1 State Of Origin Referee, 2011

2 City Country Ref 2010, 2008

France vs England Ref 2009

Australia vs NZ TJ 2007

Samoa vs Fiji Ref 2006

23 Video Re

Josiah West was inducted into the Graded Squad by Chairman Paul Simpkins.





Meeting closed at 8.02 p.m




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