Board Meeting 1st February 2017

Minutes from Board Meeting 1st February 2017







6.30 p.m


P.Simpkins ,F.Leonard, M.Hewitt T.Robinson





Minutes and Actions of this Meeting, A Tele- Conference.

Tele-Conference Meeting opened at 6.30 pm .by Chairman Paul Simpkins.

Minutes of meeting of 27th October 2016 Moved Matt Hewitt acceptance, seconded Tim Robinson Carried


1. Some confusion over the submission of Norths Grant Applications. Sent to Faye Lehane in Executive Officer’s y absence but not forwarded on to Darren. Discovered by accident by Executive Officer. Grants have been paid.

2. Six responses to EOI for Advisory Coaching positions. P.Bungate, R.Cranston, S.Murray, James Harding, Gavin Reynolds, Ricky McFarlane. The first five named were accepted. Ricky McFarlane was thanked for his application. R.Cranston later withdrew his application. M.Hewitt to met with remaining four selected prior to Christmas.

3. T.Archer’s report for the Annual Report received from England three weeks after promise to prepare it on the Saturday evening. 15th October.

4. EO .has purchased new Lap Top

5. Presentation Attendance approximately 85. Venue superb, meal satisfactory ,conduct of little difference to previous…how do we change it especially when it is a Presentation Evening? Willingness to stay on after Toast to ladies very disappointing.

6. Hard Copies of Annual Report posted on 21st November. Soft Copies sent on 25th November.

7. Full Financial Statement available as of 25th November and will be advertised for interested member.

8. The E.O secured shoe sizes for all Graded Squad and all Junior Rep Squad as requested by BJ Mather.

9. Tim Robinson seeking to meet with Brenden Wood to get his head around the web-site, Facebook, Twitter and

G Mail.

10. Annual Conference. Is there a recognised Committee to organise ? Will it be dominated by Y. Downey and BJ

Mather? It has always been recognised as a NSWRL/ NSWRLRA Conference with input from both

organisations. If Keynote speakers/presenters in specific areas are to be invited they need a heads up

now.Attended to by Chairman on his return from holiday in Queensland.

11 Vodaphone overcharging on the use of E.O’s phone has been addressed and charges refunded. E.O persisted with existing which failed Fallen back to use Tony De Las Heras’ phone.

12 . Ray Warren invited to present the Laurie Bruyeres Recitation in 2017. He asked if the Board was made up of

Clairvoyants saying it was too early yet for him to lock the date in.

13. Survey re the Criteria for Life Membership forwarded to all members. Limited responses received coming largely

from long-term members.

Executive Officer: Mr Frank Leonard



CORRESPONDENCE IN Items 15516-16216 from 13/12/16 and Items 1-8 from


15516 Proposal from Peter Filmer to form a Chapter

of “The Men of League”

15616 Matt Hewitt’s Report on meeting with Assistant


0117 Report from Peter Filmer on meeting with Stuart

Raper on formation of a Chapter of “The Men of


0717 Advice from Jared Maxwell that Jay Farlow had

retired as a Touch Judge.

0817 Silvio Del Vechhio advising of the formation of

“The Professional Rugby League Officials Association.”

CORRESPONDENCE OUT Items 1701- 15.17 from 13.12.16 to 28.01.17.

1701. Call for applications for Sub Committees.

1703 Advising All Affiliated Associations of the Dates,

Venue and Possible topics for Annual Conference.

1704 Call for Expression of Interest in the position of

MDA for Season 2017 on behalf of the NSWRL.

• Annual Report .Completed distribution and corrections of Annual


• Honorarium for James Vella Offered to forward Honorarium of $500 to James Vella

from own finances. Accepted.

• Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 2016 Copy of Minutes of AGM sent to all members and to

Dave Trodden.

• Form A-12/T-2 Completed Form A-12 / T-2 to NSW Dept of Fair

Trading and paid $44 from own finances.

• Annual NSWRL/NSWRLRA Conference Liaised with Cathy Crowe and Canterbury League Club

re venue for Conference. Liaised with Paul re

Conference length and Agenda. Responded to request

from Matt to inform the membership and District

Associations re possible dates of the Conference and

topics to be addressed.

• CRLRA Seminar 9th-12th February. Nominated for CRLRA Seminar at Fairy Meadow, 9th

-12th February. Fees to be paid by Illawarra DRLRA.

• 2017- Budget proposal. Forwarded Budget proposal to Dave Nissen at

Chairman request .All questions re the proposal were

put to David Nissen.

• Replacement Laptop Purchased replacement Laptop as previously

approved. Son Mark spent a day

installing as new programmes had to

be purchased and information from old computer

transferred. Suggest small honorarium but will leave

that to Board’s discretion. $100 approved.

• Invitation to act as MDA again in 2017. Declined invitation from BJ Mather to act as an MDA

again in 2017.

Director of Coaching and Development /Affiliate Liaison. Mr Matthew Hewitt

• Penrith Referees’ Devlopment Squad Meeting

• Meeting with Coaching Advisors and NRL Squad Coaches


Attended the Penrith Referees Development Squad Meeting


Met with the 5 Coaching Advisors and T Archer, G Badger, BJ Mather, S Hayne & R Finch . Rod Cranston subsequently withdrew from the role.


Met with the 4 District Coaches, S Hayne & R Finch about the content of the coaching methodologies for our districts


Confirmed the following breakdown of Districts for our 4 coaches:

P Bungate: Souths, Balmain &

• Conference Meeting with BJ Mather and Y Downey

• Invitations

• The Constitution


J Harding: Cronulla, St George & Canterbury

G Reynolds: Wests & Canberra

S Murray: Manly, Norths & Penrith


Met with BJ Mather & Y Downey about the content of the impending conference


Accepted invitations from Cronulla & Canterbury to attend their respective AGMs.


Attended the NSWRL Evaluators Meeting


Spoke with Wayne Goldsmith about arrangements for the impending conference

Matt reported that in all instances the meetings attended were positive and good meetings.

The Executive Officer drew attention to changes made that will require change to the Constitution. Special Resolution to be drafted for discussion at the March meeting. The question was raised as to how we involve the people being engaged in the Coaching initiative in the Association. This promoted some discussion but no solution resolved.

Director of Finance : Mr Darren Gocher

NO REPORT ( On Leave until March)

Director of Member Services / Marketing and Communication.: Mr Tim Robinson



• Attendance

• Junior Representative Squad Barbecue.

Attended first Junior Rep Training session to welcome the squad especially the new members and to provide the Squad with a point of contact should they need it;

Arranged Junior Rep end of year training BBQ at Palm Beach ;Assistance from P.Simpkins, S.Hampstead,

• Grade Squad Barbecue

• Floral Arrangements Forwarded.

• Website Issues and Communication.

• Year Planner in Terms of Social Events.

S.Clapson and G.Badger.

Arranged Grade Squad end of year training BBQ at Norford Park. Assistance provided by D.Keen and F.Leonard

Flowers forwarded to Dennis Spagarino on the death of his mother; Robert Garwood on the death of his sister and Brian Bonnie on the death of his Partner.;

Contacted Sports TG twice before Christmas and once since regarding getting access to website. Access pending due to issues on their end .Chairman reminded meeting that the Association paid $4,000 to have it upgraded two years ago. Administrator to follow up the problem.

Updated Facebook site;

Obtained advice on best use of our Facebook, Twitter and website;

Canvassed Jnr Rep Squad on format and location of their Presentation Evening;

Canvassed Grade Squad re format of Presentation evening – proposal to combine with Life Members Lunch most popular Further discussion in General Business.

Life Members Luncheon to be held at the SCG on the 7th October. Ray Warren contacted re Guest Speaker. Reply later in the year.

Chairman : Mr Paul Simpkins

November, 2016 : Contacted all Coaching Advisors by phone and congratulated them on their appointment.

13/12/16 – Meeting Homebush

5 x Coaching Advisors, Hewitt, Archer, Badger, Mather, Finch

14/12/16 – Confer with Rod Cranston, unable to commit to Coaching advisor position

Following conversation with G Badger drafted an Agenda for conference

23/1/17 – Meet BJ Mather and Y Downey re Conference with Matt Hewitt. Yvette and BJ Mather would like to run a Conference that includes everyone in Rugby League to coincide with NSW Grand Finals .All Clubs to be present on Saturday evening; Presentation of Volunteers of the Year . Club representatives to be accommodated and a General Meeting held on Sunday morning prior to Grand Finals.

23/1/17 – Meet Coaching Advisors and S Hayne, R Finch re education on guidelines. Plan to expand to other States through introduction of “Go Pro” Looking to the NSWRLRA for positive change within the National Structure. The most important task is to ensure that the Coaches initiative works.

24/1/17 – Revised Conference Agenda (1 Day) drafted and sent

30/1/17 – Message to T Robinson re update on website

Adoption of Reports : Moved ,Matt Hewitt , seconded Tim Robinson . Carried.

General Business



• Issue with Shoe Sizes for Junior Representative and Graded Squads

• Life Membership Criteria

• Presentation Evening

Sponsor (Adidas) has taken a backward step. Further negotiations to occur with Season about to commence. Referees want to know the position

Limited response to member survey. 50% attendance is the stumbling block together with limited opportunities for Committee members to contribute to Association activities. New version to be drafted for discussion at the march General meeting..

Life Members’ Luncheon again booked at the SCG for the 7th October.

• Sub Committees

• Affiliate Liaison

• Information To Be Provided by Affiliated Associations

• Affiliated Association Assistant Coaches

• Men of League Chapter

• Nomination of Honorary Members

• Director’s Travel Expenses

• NSW Cup Grand Final Dinner

• Match Day Assessors’ Fees

Moved M.Hewitt, seconded T.Robinson that in the absence of a Life member for 2017 for Presentation, the function be suspended for one year but seek a venue for 2018.. Carried.

All nominations approved . List To be forwarded to members.

In the interests of a greater knowledge of Affiliate Liaison Activities , all Associations be asked to furnish dates for General Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Presentation Dinners and any other activities that might be attended by Directors of the NSWRLRA

Two Coaches have already made visits. BJ MATHER said he was going to give the Coaches a trial on the Video package, HUDL.

Tim Robinson reported the the NRL also has a programme entitled SMARTERBASE which is more a data base than a teaching tool. Decision made that if the NSWRL doesn’t assist then the NSWRLRA will purchase our own Data Base as there is a need to keep Tabs on people. M.Hewitt to follow up with BJ Mather

Executive Officer outlined the proposal put to the Board by Peter Filmer and a Report on his interview with Stuart Raper ( Men of League). The Board supported the proposal and P.Filmer to be informed.

Tom Robinson asked what the procedure is to have Honorary members proposed and approved. Referred to Section 2.1.2 (d) of the Constitution

In accordance with advice from the ATO through Paul Kalina rate to be reduced from 70 c per km. to 66c per km.

The 2016 Dinner attendance was very disappointing. In 2017 to be held at the venue of the game with all referees appointed provided with a written expectation that they attend all games on the day and the dinner as well.

Given that there has been no increase in MDA Assessors’ Fees since 2007 while the expectation of the time required to complete the tasks for each game has increased very significantly, a letter be forwarded to BJ Mather seeking increases .eg. Ron Massey Cup and U/20’s to be commensurate. Increase in Sydney Shield required.given referee fees were increased in 2016.


NEXT MEETING: 23rd February, 2017


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