Extra General Meeting 19th October 2015

Minutes of Extra General Meeting 19th October 2015







6.38 p.m


Terrace Bar, Canterbury Leagues Club, Bridge Street, BELMORE


As per Attendance Sheets


B.Barry, B,Gately, D.Luttringer. D.Keen ( League Business) S.Clark. S.Betts, A.Zapantis ,D.Briscoe . D. Van De Moosdyk.


Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Chairman, P.Simpkins, opened the meeting stressing that it was an Extraordinary General Meeting where the main Business would be the consideration of the Special Resolution moved by M.Hewitt and Seconded by J.Oliveira.

Acceptance of Apologies. Moved T,Danks Seconded, M.Damaso. Carried.

Confirmation of Minutes of the Meeting of the 7th September, 2015. Moved M .Dunn , seconded P.Holland . Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

1 Summary of addresses from T.Greenberg and T.Archer included in the Minutes of the Meeting and can be found on the Web-Site.

2. In a conversation with Dave Trodden on the 10th October the Executive Officer was informed that some money had become available through sponsorship that would probably see a small increase in match fees for the Graded Squad.

3. Brad Levey has indicated that he wants to meet with the Chairman and the Executive Officer to discuss an extension of the Referees’ Exchange Programme for 2016.

5. Winner of George and Amy Hansen Trophy has been identified while the Eric Cox medal Winner will be decided at the Board meeting on the 29th October.

6.Expression of Interest for the NSW Cup Coaching positions have been called for.

7. General meeting in 2016 proposed to be held on the first Tuesday of the month to coincide with DVD Review Sessions. Decision to be made at the Annual General Meeting.

8. Directors’ Honorariums paid in accordance with the decision of the meeting and not the recommendation of the Director of Finance.

9. End of Season barbecue well attended by Active referees. Poor response from Non-Active sector.

10. Annual Golf Day to be held at Bowral Golf Club on Sunday 29th November.

11 None of the four Life Members nominated met the criteria to be recommended for consideration by the Annual General Meeting.

12. Ray Warner passed away on the 21st September and the Association was represented at his funeral.

Board Minutes: Summary from 24.09.15, available to the meeting.

ADOPTION OF BOARD MINUTES SUMMARY: Moved M.Dunn, Seconded D.Wintin Carried.

Executive Officer: Mr Frank Leonard



Due Date

• Correspondence In

• Correspondence Out

Acceptance of Correspondence Moved P.Cooley, Seconded B.Lynch CARRIED

• Attendances

• Coaches for Junior Representative Squad, 2016

• Annual Report

Items 10015-11515 were tabled resulting in no discussion:

Items 1590-15108 were tabled. No discussion

Men of League Function at NSW Leagues Club on the 9.9.15. The last function to be held on these premises

Brad Fittler Medal Presentation where L.Nicholls received the award for the third successive time for most improved referee in Grade and M.Jones the second time for most improved member of the Junior Representative Squad.

Cronulla-Sutherland Presentation Evening on the 19.9.15. Very pleasant evening with a limited attendance and well conducted by Andrew Gilchrist as Master of Ceremonies.

NSWRL Grand Finals at Pirtek Stadium on 27.9.15. All officials appointed to the three games officiated very well.

Life Members Luncheon on the 3.10.15. Steve Edge a good choice to deliver the Laurie Bruyeres Recitation.

Illawarra Presentation Evening. on the 10.10.15.

Together with T.Danks and D.Keen, interviewed five applicants for the three positions which will be announced in early November.

Much time spent on its assembly. J.Vella to present the “mock up” at the Board Meeting of the 19th October.

Director of Referee Development : Mr Matthew Hewitt



Due Date

• Rowers for the Graded Squad

Three Rowers purchased on the advice of Peter Burke.

Director of Finance : Mr Jimmy Oliveira



Due Date

• Current Financial Status

All Invoices paid. Current Bank Balance is $152,842.96

The Board is spending as much as possible prior to the 31.10.15 to minimise the excess at the end of the Financial Year.

Director of Affiliate Liaison : Mr Doug Keen



Due Date

• No Report

Director of Member Services : Mr Luke Bugden



Due Date

• Presentation Evening

Thanks to those who have returned an R.S.V.P.

Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr George Jankowski



Due Date

• No Report

Chairman : Mr Paul Simpkins

• Grand Finals Function

• Col Pearce Medal

Attended NSWRL Grand Finals and presented jerseys to the NSW Cup Officials.

Presented the Legends Trophy to G.Sutton and B.Cummins following the NRL Telstra Grand Final. In the speeches that followed the ARLC Chairman, John Grant was very complimentary of referees.

Invited to the function as a guest. Gerard Sutton awarded the medal.

Due Date

Acceptance of Reports: Moved B.Gilchrist , Seconded T.Danks. Carried.

General Business

1. Special Resolution.

M.Hewitt moved that the number of Directors on the Board of the NSWRLRA Inc. be reduced from seven (7) to five (5) by merging four of the current Directorships viz: Member services with Marketing and Communication; Affiliate Liaison with Referee Coaching and Development. Jimmy Oliveira seconded the motion.

In speaking to the motion M.Hewitt stated that the Special Resolution was proposed after the financial position of the Association was discussed with the NSWRL and D.Keen being informed by the NSWRL that he should not stand again for the Board of Directors in 2016 because of a conflict of interest. Matt said he believed the Board should be reduced in size to generate greater efficiency especially in terms of the speed in getting things done.

He said that there is an overlap in the two suggested combinations which he felt would assist the Board in delving deeper into the Affiliated Associations with Coaching and Development and Liaison.

Jimmy Olivera , in supporting the motion, referred to the NRL’s directive to the NSWRL to produce a 5% efficiency improvement in 2016 and that this needed to be replicated by the Association. He said that he tried to do this in recommending a 5% decrease in Honorariums for 2015 but was unanimously defeated in that attempt. He said he could not see the work load of Directors increasing significantly under the proposal , that Directors don’t put their hands up for Office to collect an Honorarium and that the main thrust of the Resolution was a drive for efficiency as the Charter of the NSWRL has called for.

George Jankowski spoke against the motion. He said that whilst the combination of the Affiliate Liaison and Director of Coaching and Development was reasonable, the combination of the Marketing and Communication with Member Services was unreasonable as the workload of the latter two had increased significantly for both Directors and he gave examples.

Paul Kalina spoke of the change in the workload of the Association as the NSWRL had assumed responsibility for several roles formerly performed by Directors. These included some 50% of the financial management, gear ordering and distribution, payment of Trainers and M.D.A’s and the establishment of the Referees’ Coaching and Development Unit.He pointed out that the cuts to the Association’s Budget reflect this. He commended the Board for looking at its Business Plan and saw a much greater role for Sub-Committees to play in the future.

There was no further discussion. G McCallum moved that a Secret Ballot be conducted, seconded by B.Lynch.


D.Wintin and G.McCallum were appointed Scrutineers with the approval of the meeting. The Executive Officer reported that there were 36 in attendance who were eligible to vote with a 75% “YES” vote required for the Resolution to be carried. Following the Ballot, D.Wintin reported that there were 31 in favour of the Resolution and 5 against. He declared the Resolution carried.

2. NSWRLRA Annual Golf Day. S.Clapson reminded those present that the Annual Golf Day would be held at Bowral Golf Club on Sunday 29th November with a Tee Off at 8 a.m

3. Motion that Ballot Papers be destroyed. Moved G.McCallum, seconded F.Leonard. Carried.

Meeting closed at 7.07 p.m

Next Meeting: Annual General Meeting, Monday 14th December, 2015.


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