General Meeting 1st July 2013

Minutes of General Meeting 1st July 2013









Sports House ,Sydney Olympic Park, HOMEBUSH


Life Members:

Junior Member:


Non Active:


57 .As listed below

Phil Cooley, Steve Clapson, Michael Lewis, Brian Gately, Brian Barry, Doug Keen, Bryan Gilchrist,

Luke Bugden, Frank Leonard, Robert Garwood, Peter Filmer, George Jankowski, Steve Betts, Dennis Spagarino, (Max Dunn and Greg McCallum on League business) 16

Daniel Luttringer, Andrew Gilchrist, Mark Bohan, Kieren Irons, Nathan Loveday, Martin Jones,

Jo West 7

Faye Breslin, Chris Treneman, Shane Smith, Brendan Lucas, Jimmy Oliveira, Daniel Olford, Richard Daizli, Damien Briscoe, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski, Nathan Smith

(Jon Stone, Steve Ellison, Sean Hampstead, Nic Beashal, Matt Cecchin, Chris James, Todd Smith on League business) 17

Wayne Loveday, Martin Ryan, (Stan Watson on League business) 3

Daniel Luttringer- Parramatta, Andrew Essey- Parramatta, Brendan Lucas- Manly, Andrew Gilchrist- Cronulla, Barry Beveridge- Balmain, Glenn Reece- University Cup, Mark Bohan- Penrith, Nathan Smith- North Sydney, Kieren Iron-s Souths, Nathan Loveday-Canterbury, Greg Tunks -St George, Jo West- Canberra, Martin Jones- Canberra 14


Andrew Zapantis, Mick Stone, Steve Clark, Tony Danks, Peter Sciberras, Paul Holland, Brett Lynch, Josh McGowan, Mark Ward, David Jay, Liam Nicholls, Tony De Las Heras 12



Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Acting Chairman, F.Leonard, opened the meeting and called for one minutes silence to mark the passing of George Dorahy, father of Phil Dorahy, Barry Cripps and Andrew Simpson (Manly Referee)

Acceptance of Apologies. Moved, Phil Cooley Seconded, Damian Briscoe . Carried.

Confirmation of Minutes of the Meeting of the 3rd May, 2013. Moved , seconded Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

1. No progress as yet on the meeting that was to occur between the NRL Squad and Nathan McGuirk on Workers’ Compensation.

2. No response to date from Peter Bungate to correspondence provided by the Chairman, Michael Stone.

3. NRL Squad given an assurance that any legal costs associated with the completion of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NRL would be met by the Association. Silvio De Vecchio working with them and also assisting in the blending of the NRL’s CBA with the Memorandum of Understanding with the NSWRL that Brendan Lucas has undertaken. Nathan McGuirk questions the need for a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NRL Squad.

4. $2,500 raised at the Junior Representative Squad’s Presentation Evening to support the Wheelchair Rugby League team travelling to the World Cup.

5. 2013 Law Books distributed to NSW Graded Squad, MDA’s and Coaches.

6. Boots/shoes distribution to Active Members almost completed.

7. Invitations to Widows Luncheon to be forwarded during this week.

8. Progress on 300 Club Presentation to Director of Marketing and Communication Report.

9. Request forwarded to Nathan McGuirk seeking lifelong provision of Gold Passes for those who qualify for the 300 Club. Responded stating that he could not provide passes on a long term basis but would look at providing same annually to those who qualify.

10. Revised NSWRL Constitution reduced membership of the General Committee from two per Club or Association to one. F.Leonard to continue to represent the NSWRLRA.

11. Further reminder to Non-Active members re membership fees to be forwarded this coming week.

12. “Good Guys” sponsorship to be addressed by the Director of Finance.

13. N.R.A.S Matters to be addressed by D.Keen in an N.R.A.S Report later in the meeting..

14. Outstanding CMO Invoice paid by Nathan McGuirk.

15. Seniors/Life Members Luncheon to be moved forward to the 28th September. Director of Member services to provide the reason in his Report.

16. Life Members Tour of the Rugby League Museum attracted a small number but the information and hospitality provided by Terry Williams was very much appreciated.

17. One Community Awards. The Board has identified Glen Reece, Barry Beveridge and Stan Watson as candidates for nomination. Further nominations to be sought at this meeting.

. Board Minutes: Summaries from 23.05 13 and 27.06.13 were made available to the meeting.

Questions raised were:

Steve Betts asked what had been paid re CMO invoices, D.O.F. answered question, F.Leonard to follow up

Peter Filmer, stated that the Trainer assisting with the use of disabled boys to run water was well received at Wyong last weekend. F.Leonard informed the meeting that the boys would be receiving shirts and some publicity was being organised.

Brien Gately thanked Luke Bugden and the Board for the Museum visit in June ; Numbers were low due to heavy rain on day


Moved Barry Beveridge, Seconded Brian Barry. Carried.

Deputy Chairman: Mr Frank Leonard


• Congratulations

• Newly Graded Members


1. To Shayne Hayne, Ashley Klein, Russell Turner, Steve Carrall, Steve Clark and Henry Perenara on their appointments to State of Origins 1 and 2 and to M.Cecchin, Stand-By referee.

2. Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski, Robbie Bowen and Peter Crombie-Brown appointed to the NSW v QLD U/16 Curtain raiser to State of Origin 1.Daniel Olford, Stand-By referee.

3. Damien Simes (Plate Final) and Taylor Deland-Cleveland ( Final) of the National Schoolboys U/15 Championships.

4. James Vella appointed to the National Schoolboys U/18 Championships in Cairns.

Mentioned 4 newly graded members Faye Breslin Number 967 Josh McGowan Number 968, Todd Smith Number 969, Reece Williams Number 970

Due Date

• Attendances

• Communication with Nathan McGuirk

• Suggested Constitution Changes

• NSW Primary Schools U/11 Championships

• MDA/Graded Squad Debrief

Presented Faye Breslin with Badge, Constitution and Laws book in the absence of the other three.

Parramatta Presentation Night. Very sophisticated evening and very well conducted utilising several Presenters rather than one Master of ceremonies. A possibility for the NSWRLRA Presentation Evening.

Cronulla –Sutherland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner where a response was given on behalf of the invited guests.

Illawarra Presentation Night. Attended the June and July meetings. Major issue with retention of referees that is being addressed.

Discussed information received relating to the possibility of the NRL Squad forming a breakaway Association or Group. Nathan said he would follow it up.

On the 20th June he reported on a meeting with the Squad and said there were grievances that some members of the Squad wanted to air with Michael Stone on his return from overseas. Acting Chairman’s response was that the forum for members to air grievances is the bi-monthly General Meetings.

Nathan was reminded of an assurance he gave in 2012 that the partners of Officials appointed to State of Origin matches in Brisbane would receive free tickets to the game.

Attention drawn to a three-page document prepared by the Acting Chairman that made suggestions for changes to the Constitution that reflected changes since the previous revision in 2009.. F.Leonard emphasised that the Constitution is a contract between the Association and its members and is their Constitution. He sought further suggestions for changes from the membership. Moved P.Kalina, seconded P,Cooley that the suggestions be forwarded to all members seeking further feedback and comment. Carried.

Draft copy to be ready by September.

Attended on the 4th and 5th June at Hoxton Park with D.Keen and K.Badger assessing the performances of 12 applicants for the Under 12 National Schoolboy Championships in Perth.

Attended on the 20th June. Very informative and congratulated

• 2014 Conference

Acceptance of Report: Adoption Moved P.Kalina , Seconded P.Cooley . Carried

D.Spagarino and S.Clark on the preparation of the DVD and the discussions it promoted.

Met with T.Danks and D.Keen to begin planning. Suggestion that it be conducted at Olympic Park and that not all members of District Association Executives be required to attend for all of the two days.

• Correspondence In

• Late Correspondence In

• Correspondence Out

Acceptance of Correspondence

Moved, Damien Briscoe Seconded Brien Gately CARRIED

Items 6913- 9613 were tabled resulting

in :

Hastings League through Kevin Raymont (Secretary, CRLRA); A request for Bill Harrigan clearance to referee local game. F.Leonard reported that he had granted the clearance and sought endorsement of his actions. Moved B.Gately, seconded B.Barry. Carried.

Items 1350-1380 were tabled.

Director of Referee Development: Mr Tony De Las Heras



Due Date

No Report

Director of Finance: Mr Jimmy Oliveira



Due Date


NSWRL for Grants

Good Guys for local sponsorship

P.Cooley and S. Clapson for Golf Day organisation.

Active Members for fee payment

Non Active Members for fee payment

Brendan Lucas for work on the Memorandum .Of Understanding..

Brett Mehrton for the initiative that the NSWRL condoned of permitting three disabled boys from the Hunter region to run water in games played in that region.

Director of Affiliate Liaison: Mr Doug Keen



Due Date

• Report on District Association Activity

Monthly Report to be given on the various activities in each District. For this meeting :-

South’s video training and 9 new referees

• NRAS Manager Report

• Attendances

St George trials 13 y/o as T/J and 10 new referees

Newcastle has new C.E.O. and 20 new refereess

Parramatta has 35 new referees

Penrith lost Junior Refs Coordinator

Canterbury participating in an overseas exchange

Illawarra thanked F.Leonard for assistance in local matters

Wests 22 new referees, Blake Williams going to Perth for the National U/12 Schoolboy Championships.

Penrith, Parramatta, Wests and Canterbury attend Providers course conducted with 26 in attendance

Level 1 face to face course to occur early in July

Level 2 course to be on line by end of year

Provider will be able to do everything on line

New Laws book error on page 20, re restarts at 20m.

Under 15 National in Canberra

Affiliated State Comp in Adelaide

Junior Rep dinner

Grade Video session

Director of Member Services: Mr Luke Bugden



• Rugby League Museum Visit

• NSWRLRA Presentation and Life Members Night

• Widows Luncheon

• Brooklyn Reunion

• BBQ at Grade Training

• Life Members Re Union Lunch

All enjoyed the day, numbers were down due to poor weather

Booked for Saturday 26th October

To be at NSWRL Club for Saturday 27th July. Invitations to be forwarded in the next week.

To be held on Saturday 12th October

Thanked all for assisting, specially Matt Domaso

A change of date from 5 Oct to 28 Sept due to major event occurring

Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr George Jankowski



Due Date

• NSWRLRA 300 Club

• NRL Squad

Venue discussed with T.Archer and D.Anderson and NRL Squad

Attended meeting, acquired signatures for membership

Invited all to attend NSWRLRA meeting

• Attendances

• Historical Committee

Parramatta General Meeting

Parramatta Presentation Night

State 0f 0rigin1, Photos taken

Chris Turner completed scan of 1959 to 1969 Annual Reports converting them to pdf files.

Called for more assistance, none forthcoming

Chairman : Mr Michael Stone

• No Report

Due Date


Moved: Brendan Lucas ,Seconded. Brien Gately Carried

General Business

• Ian McCall thanked the Association for assistance at Bowls Day in way of finance and clothing

• Next Bowls Day to be held on Sunday the 8th of September

• Norfolk Island Report, down to 3 referees, currently here having a competition in St George area

• The Bob Styles Bowls Day is to be held on Saturday the 20th of July at Engadine Bowling Club.

• Frank Leonard summarised a proposal from Canberra District RLRA for the recruitment of parents, Club members and others who would be interested in undertaking the Level 1 On-Line Course and becoming “Reserve Referees” for Mini Football wearing a coloured vest to identify them. He said, whilst he was not opposed to the proposal it should go to the N.R.A.S Committee for permission to ensure that such requests, which are on the increase because of the increasing shortage of referees, are carefully scrutinised and, if permitted, supervised, so that the quality of refereeing is not diminished given the work that has been done in coaching and development over many years.

Brendan Lucas spoke of issues in Mini and Mod in Manly District being dealt with similarly.

Dennis Spagarino drew attention to issues of child protection that arise through using Officials from outside


• Doug Keen spoke of One Community Awards, aimed at locally based referees. Glen Reece, Stan Watson and Barry Beveridge nominated.

Meeting closed at 7.50 p.m

Next and final General Meeting: Monday 2nd September


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