General Meeting 1st March 2016

Minutes of General Meeting 1st March 2016





1st March, 2016


6.40 p.m


Canterbury League Club


As per Attendance Sheets ( 43 in attendance)


Steve Betts, Rohan Best, Todd Smith, Tony Danks, Daniel Olford ,Doug Keen, Steve Clapson, John Woods, Brian Barry, Brien Gately, Steve Clark (League Business) Paul Holland, Ben Teague. Lyndsay Packer


Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Chairperson .Paul Simpkins, called for one minutes silence in memory of the passing of Joyce Bruyeres, widow of Laurie Bruyeres , Daphne Weekes, mother of Life Member, Martin Weekes and the father of Peter Digby.

Acceptance of Apologies. Moved I.McCall. Seconded M.Dunn .Carried.

1. Confirmation of Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting, 19th October,2015.. Moved M.Hewitt,. Seconded, M.Lewis Carried.

Chairman asked the meeting to consider the Affiliated Association delegates in attendance who were not, as yet, financial since the $20 fee had not yet been taken from Administration Grants. Moved P.Filmer, seconded B.Gilchrist that they be granted voting rights if required. Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

1.Advice from D.Trodden re a small amount of funding becoming available through sponsorship led to a meeting between himself, The Executive Officer , the Chairman and Dave Nissen as to how the $25000 would be distributed. Meeting with Graded Squad was organised by the Chairman and a Committee appointed to prepare a submission to the NSWRL for consideration.

2. A letter has been received from Brad Levy requesting that the Referees’ Exchange in 2016 include Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin with the NSWRLRA meeting 50% of the cost.

3.George and Amy Hansen Trophy was awarded to Michael Lewis and the Eric Cox Medal to Doug Wintin O.A.M.

4.Expressions of Interest in the position of Coaches for the NSW Cup had been called for. Candidates were subsequently interviewed by T.Danks, D.Keen and F.Leonard and recommendations made to the NSWRL. The NSWRL decided to reject these recommendations and re-advertised the position. The Coaching Panel selected is P.Kalina, P.Filmer and M.Lewis. P.Cooley appointed to the position with the Junior Representative Squad following the resignation of T.De Las Heras.

5.General Meetings for 2016 to be held on Tuesday evening to coincide with DVD Reviews.

6. Annual Golf Day was poorly attended. Need to reassess the venue, the format and the members involved in its organisation.

7. Closure of the NSW Leagues Club was met with very mixed emotions by those who attended ..

8. Brad Fittler Medallists Liam Nicholls and Martin Jones have been promoted . Liam into the NRL Emerging Talent Squad and Martin into the NSW Cup Squad.

9. Annual Report for 2015 was well received.

10 The three Rowers purchased for Grade Squad Training are housed at Norford Park.

11. The streamlined Board that arose from the passing of the Special Resolution of the 19th October, 2015 at the Extraordinary General Meeting has hit the ground running. Whether the increased effort required to continue to carry the load can be maintained remains to be seen.

Board Minutes Summaries from 29th October, 2015, 25th November, 2015 , 28th January, 2016 and 18th February, 2016 were tabled.. Moved Adoption D Wintin, seconded I.McCall. Carried.

BUSINESS ARISING: G. Jankowski asked if the role of Affiliate Liaison had been clarified between D.Keen and M.Hewitt. M.Hewitt said he would address the question in his Report.

ADOPTION OF Summaries . Moved D.Karem Seconded M.Hewitt. Carried.

Executive Officer: Mr Frank Leonard

Correspondence In :

SEPTEMBER – DECEMBER 2015 Items 10015-14915;

JANUARY, FEBRUARY 2016 items 1601-1612 were tabled .No questions asked. No items asked to be read.

Correspondence Out:

SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER, 2015. Items 1590-15132; JANUARY,FEBRUARY 2016.

Items 0116-3116. No questions asked . No item asked to be read.

5.2.16 Funeral of Martin Weekes’ mother, Daphne

Weekes, Randwick. 9.2.16 Canberra Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Made very welcome , as usual. Canberra Association in

very good shape. No change In Executive . Strategic

Management Plan completed. May have difficulty

covering games as competitions are expanding and

recruitment is slow.

13,14,15. Feb. CRLRA Seminar at Fairy Meadow Leisure Resort . 55 Active Country Referees present . Assistance given by Chris James, Kasey Badger, Steve Clark, Michael Stone, Dennis Spagarino, Greg McCallum and Luke Potter , all members of the NSWRLRA..

I attended all sessions as the representative of the

NSWRLRA and completed the Laws Exam

that covered International and Mod League

I have had continuous CRLRA membership since 1971

Attended General Meeting on Sunday and gave a


17.2.16. Cronulla-Sutherland Annual General meeting

Conducted Election of Officers and gave a NSWLRLRA

Report. 2015 a vry good year for the Association and a new sponsor, The Tradies Club, has ensured an even better 2016. Combined with Paul Simpkins to prepare. Summarised

responses .( 33% of those surveyed.) . (Discussion to General Business.

Special Resolution re changes to Constitution

prepared and forwarded to all members on e-mail.

Met with T.Danks and D.Keen to finalise Agenda which

was submitted to NSWRL for approval. Some

modifications made. Attended on the 28th February and

presented a segment on Welfare. Much information provided to Presidents, Secretaries and Coaching Co-ordinators throughout the day.

Presented a Level 2 Face to Face Course in the

• Correspondence

• Attendances

• Presentation Evening

• Special Resolution

• Annual Conference 28.2.16

• Illawarra NRAS Provider

Illawarra on the 21st February and have 21 enrolled in a Level 1 Course with a Face to Face Course to be

presented on the 13th March

Director of Referee Development : Matthew Hewitt



• Tiers for Association Grants

• Role Clarification

Matt Hewitt explained how the Coaching and Development Grant Tiers were arrived at…based on NSWRL figures for Association memberships. Three Tiers established . 1) 75+ ; 2) 50-75; 3) 50 or less. Coaching and Development Grants to be $5000; $4000; $3700 respectively. He said that if Referee numbers increase the Association’s costs could increase.. The end result was an increase in Grants for Affiliates and only those Associations involved in Junior League to receive the Grants.

In response to a question from G.Jankowski, Matt said D.Keen would have direct contact with the NSWRL and Affiliates. He said his own role would see him have greater contact with the Junior Representative Squad and Affiliated Associations whose Meetings both he and Doug would attend…. Matt representing the NSWRLRA and Doug the NSWRL. He said that the NSWRLRA would be responsible for the Sydney Combined Competition and an Appointment’s Board would be established where those involved would receive an Honorarium. He said he was seeking to ensure a common method of coaching across the game and this would be a Coaching and Development criteria leading into 2017.

Director of Finance : Mr Darren Gocher

• Opening Remark

• Financial Status

• 2016 Budget

• Affiliated Association Grants

Darren said it was good to be back with the Association and involved.

The hand-over from J.Oliveira was good and the Current Bank Balance is $92,383.

A Draft budget is being developed and with a meeting scheduled for Tuesday 7th March the hope is that the NSWRL will provide what we are expecting.

A decision was made to make payments at the beginning of the year and evaluate the expenditure in terms of the criteria at the end of October. If the

• Other Expenditures Approved

criteria are not met this will impact on the Grant funding for the following year.

Teaching Videos for the Junior Representative Squad.. $4000; Ear Pieces for the Graded Squad @ $140 each; Proposal to have Match Fees for the Sydney-Shield Competition increased. This will be a NSWRL decision.

Director of Affiliate Liaison : Mr Matthew Hewitt



• Annual Conference

Attended and was impressed by the

reports from Association

Secretaries on best practice during

2015. I gave a detailed outline of the

criteria for the Coaching and

Development Grant making use of a

Power Point presentation.

Director of Member Services : Brenden Wood



• No Report

Chairman stated that the Social calendar would be discussed in General Business.

Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr Brenden Wood



• No Report

The Chairman reported that the new

Website, Facebook Page and Twitter

were all up and running. He called for

input from members.

A question was raised re the NSWRL

Social Media Policy as it applies to the

Website, Facebook and Twitter. The

Chairman encouraged members not to

breach the policy P.Filmer stated that if

Brenden Wood is the Gate-keeper he

needs to be across the policy

G.Jankowski said that the Website was

not supposed to bear advertising. The

Chairman responded saying

advertising is acceptable as long as it

relates to our sponsors.

Chairman : Mr Paul Simpkins

• Attendances

South Sydney Association Annual General Meeting.. There is some good initiatives coming out of South Sydney Juniors re the welfare of players and referees

Attended the Emerging Talent Squad

• Meeting with T.Archer and R.Finch


NSWRL/NSWRLRA Conference. Districts were well represented.

The meeting focussed on the National Structure. Chairman said he wanted to get in early to ensure that the NSWRL has a place within it. It is at Consultation Stage only at present. The NSWRLRA is very much in their planning as are the Affiliated Associations. The rumour re the demise of Associations was scotched. We are seen as talent scouts who prepare referees for the next stage of their career. It is perceived that there will be much argy-bargy between the Leagues but we are to be consulted.

ACCEPTANCE OF REPORTS: Moved: B.Gilchrist, seconded G.Badger. Carried

General Business.

1. Special Resolution (Attached) The Executive Officer explained that much of the Special Resolution to change the Constitution had arisen from the change in the roles and responsibilities of members of the Referee Development Unit which is now being overseen by Yvette Downey and B.J.Mather. The Executive Officer suggested that the Special Resolution be taken in toto. Moved D.Wintin, seconded L.Bugden that this be the case. Carried.

Adoption of the Special Resolution was moved by M.Dunn, seconded by Damien Briscoe. Carried.

2. Budget Issue. P.Filmer spoke on the sponsorship of $25000 received from Brydens the Lawyers. He expressed his concern that the $25000 would be included in the Budget and , if applied to fees, it was sending the wrong message. For, in two years time, when that money is not available, you would assume that Match Fees would return to their existing level. The Chairman explained that the NSWRL had no intention to increase fees however, the Graded Squad referees wanted to see an increase in the fee for Sydney-Shield games.

3. Life Members, Seniors Luncheon. The Chairman reported that arising from the call for an improved venue the Life members/ Seniors luncheon would be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground on the 8th October, the Saturday after the Grand Final. The venue had been booked and a deposit paid. Every attempt will be made to get members there from all of our “silos”. The NRL Squad has committed to come along, for example. The Brooklyn Bash will be moved to Saturday 15th October.

4. Presentation Evening. The Venue, Timing, Content and Delivery were issues referred to in the survey. There will be a new venue and the function will be held earlier in the year.

5. Annual Golf Day. Efforts will be made to improve the attendance.

6. Bowls Day. Scheduled for May 1st at Leichardt Bowling Club.

7. Logos on on-Field Jerseys. G.Jankowski asked about the placement of Logos on District and NSW Jerseys. The Executive Officer stated that Affiliated Association have the NSW Logo on the left breast and their Association Logo on the right. For NSW controlled competitions, the NSW Logo is on the left breast and “Classic”, a sponsor on the right.

8. Passing of the mother of Paul Holland. G.Jankowski reported that Paul Holland’s mother had passed away on Friday February26th February. B.Wood and F.Leonard to follow-up.

9. PRESENTATIONS . The Chairman presented three newly Graded referees, Martin Jones (987), Tim Hannon ( 988) and Darren Burtenshaw (989) with a Certificate and the traditional Association Metal Badge. They were welcomed by the meeting by acclamation.

Photographs of Officials appointed to 2015 Grand Finals were also presented to those present. The Chairman and Executive Officer will find a time to complete the presentation to the NRL Squad members.

10. Gavin Badger announced to the Meeting that Drew Oultram had been promoted to the NRL Emerging Talent Squad.

11. The Executive Officer outlined a Charity Golf Day to be held on April 1st at Marrickville Golf Course to raise funds to support Kurt Drysdale and his family as he strives to improve movement in his crippled body the results of a very simple tackle when playing for Cabramatta during 2015. Kurt also refereed in the Illawarra District competitions prior to focussing on playing.

Meeting closed at 7.32 p.m

Next Meeting: Tuesday 3rd May, 2016


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