General Meeting 1st September 2014

Minutes of the General Meeting 1st September 2014






6.45 p.m


Sports House ,Sydney Olympic Park, HOMEBUSH


As per Attendance Sheets ( 53 in attendance)


Kylie .Aylett (Newcastle), Rob Garwood, Michael Stone, Greg McCallum, Brett Lynch, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamsksi, Nick Beashel, Sean Hampstead, Paul Holland, Richard Daizli, Ryan Jackson, Joshua McGowan, Jeff Hartup, Darian Furner



Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Chairperson called for one minutes silence in memory of the passing of Max Godfrey (Life Member), Greg Boyd (Former Graded Member), Frank Grady father of Anthony Grady , Dennis Shepherd, father of Scott Shepherd, Archie Bettiol, (Father of Chris Bettiol, Trainer of the Graded Squad) and the father of Chris Turner.

Acceptance of Apologies. Moved I.McCall. Seconded B.Gately .Carried.

GUEST SPEAKER: Geoff Carr ,Introduced by Dennis Spagarino.

Began with a sometimes humorous but factual summary of Kangaroo Tours 1992-1995 with stories relating to player behaviour that was possible then because of the limited communications technology. Then responded to questions to :-

(i) his involvement in the Super League war, its development and demise at the end of 1997 when Newcastle defeated Manly in the Grand Final. This was the catalyst for a reunification in 1998.

(ii) The future of the Commission.

(iii) The proposed reshaping of refereeing by engaging John Buchanan and Bobby Fulton to lead the changes.

(III) Mistakes made by referees.

(iv) Media coverage and T.V scrutiny of referees.

(v) Challenges for the game that include television coverage that is keeping patrons from attending the games .He was especially critical of current catering, parking prices charged.

Chairman Paul Simpkins then presented Geoff with an Associate Membership for Life Certificate, Association tie and Association pen. Appreciation shown through acclamation.


1Confirmation of Previous Minutes. Moved B.Barry Seconded B.Gately . Carried.


Business Arising from Previous Minutes

1.The first meeting of the Strategic Management Plan Working Party was held on 14th August and was quite productive. The next meeting will be held on 11th September . Peter Filmer has been appointed Chairman of the Group .

2. New Zealand referees have now agreed to join the Association and agreed to affiliate for $50 with membership fees of $150 for referees and $50 for Touch Judges.

3. All ground facilities reported by Graded referees as being in need of improvement have been attended to with the exception of Lidcombe Oval, Lakes Park and one-off games at Brookvale Oval.

4.The Stepping Stone partnership that is to be offered to the Affiliated Associations has been delayed until Damien Briscoe has the time to fine tune it.

5. The revised Constitution has been registered with the Department of Fair Trading and now guides the actions of the Association.

6. Five NRL referees have not yet given permission for membership fees to be deducted from a pay run. They will be reminded that where membership fees are not paid by the 30th September, names will not be included in the Annual Report. The same rule applies to Non-Active members.

7. New Association tie has been delivered.

8. An Anzac Medal will be struck for the four members of the Association who have served in the armed forces and will be presented to them in 2015 at the Anzac Day game between St George and Sydney City Roosters.


Moved T.Danks. seconded D.Spagarino.Carried.


Board Minutes Summaries from 31st July and 28th August were tabled.


ADOPTION OF BOARD MINUTES. Moved B.Barry  Seconded B.Gately. Carried.

Executive Officer: Mr Frank Leonard




  • Correspondence In                                                     Items 07714-10714 tabled.

                                                                                    08414 S.Betts stated that he had indicated to the

                                                                                   Chairman of the A.R.L.R.A that he intended to resign as

                                                                                  the CEO but had negated that with a follow up letter.

  • Correspondence Out                                                  Items 14069-14104 were tabled.                                                                          

                                                                                   14104 Chairman reported on an e-mail sent to

                                                                                     T.Greenberg arising from an NRL Media Release relating

                                                                                   to restructuring of referee development and the failure to

                                                                                    consult with the NSWRLRA. He was asked to read  

                                                                                     T.Greenberg’s response which he delegated to the

                                                                                     Executive Officer ..

                                                                                   Moved B.Gately, seconded B. Barry that the Chairman’s

                                                                                    actions be endorsed. Carried.


  • Attendances                                                                  All Schools’ Carnival acting as Referees’ Co-ordinator

                                                                                      over one ground for each of the three days.

                                                                                     Strategic Management Plan Working Party Meeting.

                                                                                    Graded Squad Trivia Night

                                                                                     Partners of Former Graded members luncheon.

  • Graded Squad Surveys                                               Survey taken on the facilities available to referees at

                                                                                     grounds especially with regard to showers and change

                                                                                      rooms. Results communicated to T.Danks.

                                                                                     Second survey to be conducted to identify Coaches and

                                                                                    Club Officials deemed to be bringing the game into

                                                                                     disrepute through their action and/or inactions as it

                                                                                      relates to officiating referees, referee recruitment and

                                                                                     game development. Results to be communicated to the

                                                                                      NSWRL through T.Danks.

  • NSWRL v NSW Leagues Club                                     As a member of the General Committee of the NSWRL,

                                                                                     signed the Affidavit presented in the Court case as a

                                                                                     Plaintiff to ensure that the Association was not

                                                                                      compromised in future. Was guaranteed indemnity

                                                                                     against any costs if the case is lost.

  • New Zealand Referees                                                 Negotiated with Luke Watts, Referees’ Co-ordinator for

                                                                                       NZRL to have referees officiating in the NSW Cup and

                                                                                      NRL competitions affiliate with the NSWRLRA for $50 and

                                                                                     Central referees to pay membership fee of $150 and

                                                                                     Touch Judges, $50.

  • Affiliated Association Issues                                       Cronulla-Sutherland Association complaint to the

                                                                                      Cronulla Junior League regarding issues involving

                                                                                       referees in games has received no response. Phone call

                                                                                       from Judd O’Shea, President of the Junior League to                

                                                                                            F.Leonard  was critical of the Executive of the

                                                                                             Association until he was asked his perception of

                                                                                            himself and his performance. This led to a promise of a

                                                                                             joint meeting at season’s end to sort out the issues.

                                                                                       Canberra DRLRA reported an assault on one of the

                                                                                       Junior Representative Squad . late at night, by a West

                                                                                       Belconnen player and sought advice on steps that might

                                                                                       be taken. B.J Mather ( NSWRL) and D.Keen also



. Director of Referee Development : Position Vacant




No Report




Director of Finance : Mr Jimmy Oliveira

  • Item


  • Grade Squad Payment Claim                                                                                          



  • Grants to Affiliates


  • Documentation from D.Briscoe


  • Partnerships/ Sponsorships




  • NRL Data Base for calculation of Season Payments.


  • Second Instalment Invoice



Preparation continuing. Almost ready for presentation to the Graded Squad for feedback.

Newcastle remains outstanding. Waiting on an Invoice.

When completed the offer from Stepping Stone will be forwarded to Affiliates.

Proposal presented to Caringbah and Rockdale “The Good Guys” stores seeking a partnership with Cronulla-Sutherland RLRA.

Advised that the NRL Data base can be used by small Associations to calculate season payments.

To be submitted to the NSWRL in the week commencing 8thSeptember, 2014.


Director of Affiliate Liaison : Mr Doug Keen




  • Awards



  • District Grand Finals



  • Attendances





  • Immortals Challenge

Les Matthews and Dennis Braybrook

Trophy nominations close on the 5th


Trainers assigned where a number of

Junior Representative referees have

been appointed.

Manly DRLRA Meeting.

South Sydney Grand Final referees

announcement evening.

Bathurst Referees Association taking

Robert Culkin to the meeting.

Former Coca-Cola Cup is now to be

called The Immortals Challenge for

U/9’s to U/14’s and played on the 20th

September. Similar to The All Schools’

Carnival. Referees sought.



Director of Member Services : Mr Luke Bugden




  • Date for Life Members luncheon



  • Presentation Evening


October 4th. Noel Kelly Guest Speaker. Invitations forwarded.

Friday 14th November. Female Duo “Sick Pitch” booked.




Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr George Jankowski




  • Photographs


  • Statistics for Communication Outlets






  • Web-Site












  • Attendances

Thanked Greg Jurd for attendance and

his services.

Twitter followers – 672. Up 17% from

July meeting.

Facebook Friends—575. Up 47% from

July meeting.

Web Site Hits : August …21706. Up

17% on 2013.

Photo of Noel Kelly and Laurie Daley

with some statistics for the former.

Photo of Stan Watson who won a Men

of League Award arising from a

nomination by North Sydney RLRA for

outstanding service to that Association.

Photo of Mark Bohan who won a

Sports Officials Award from the Penrith

Sports Foundation.

Photo of Chris Sutton who made his

NRL debut with two minutes notice.

Past Annual Reports added.

Max Godfery’s funeral.

NRL Squad meeting and spoke on the

Social events.



Chairman : Mr Paul Simpkins

  • Gambling Issue






  • NRL Media Release











Chairman reported that common ground had been established with the NRL Integrity Unit with all suspensions to be served out by the end of 2014 and an assurance that referee careers were not in jeopardy.

Chairman elaborated on the discussion had around the correspondence relating to this issue. Geoff Carr suggested that the Association have a blueprint for the way forward which will see the Association go to the table in a strong position rather than relying on the Association’s history. The Chairman indicated that the Association was now in the throes of developing a Five year Plan for this very purpose.



ACCEPTANCE OF REPORTS: Moved: B.Gately, Seconded B.Ruttle. Carried



  1. Brian Barry spoke on the Newcastle Bowls Day. Thirty travelled on the bus sponsored by Matt Hewitt. The day included both Matt and Chairman Paul Simpkins as visitors. Peter Digby was presented with a plaque recognising 25 years of service to the Newcastle Referee Bowlers. New bowlers to be sought during 2015.

Adoption of the report was moved by Barry Beveridge, seconded Stan Watson. Carried.


Presentation of New Association Ties

Executive Officer ,F.Leonard, presented the new Association ties to all Graded Squad members present. D.Keen presented a tie to the Association’s Ambassador, Robert Culkin.


Presentation to Winners of the of 2013 Golf Day

Steve Clapson called upon Dennis Spagarino ,, captain of the winning team, to accept the Shield. Shirts were the presented to Frank Leonard,and Sean Hampstead who were the other members of the team.


General Business.


  1. Peter Filmer spoke on the efforts of the Chairman and the Board made in protecting the welfare of those caught up in the betting issue. His call for recognition of their efforts was carried by acclamation.


  1. Matt Damaso asked for an approach to be made to the NRL regarding the Insurance and Workers Compensation applying to NSW Graded referees injured when training with the NRL Squad or officiating in the Holden Cup competition.


  1. Nominations for Life Membership:-


Matt Hewitt…… Moved G.Jankowski, seconded B.Barry

David jay……..   Moved S.Betts, seconded D.Spagarino.

Gary Cook…… Moved B.Barry, seconded B.Gately.

Paul Simpkins.. Moved G.Jankowski, seconded B.Barry

             M.Damaso asked if, in future, the names of those eligible for nomination could be brought to the meeting.


  1. Honorariums

Chairman P. Simpkins invited S.Betts to take the Chair and Directors left the room. . A proposal prepared by the Director of Finance was circulated, discussed and accepted on a motion moved by B.Gately and seconded by B.Barry and carried unanimously. Directors re-entered the room and were informed by S.Betts of the decision . He thanked the Board for their efforts over the past twelve months acknowledging that the honorariums in no way reflect the amount of time spent by each Director on their portfolio.

Honorariums for 2014 are as follows:-

Executive Officer                                                       $4085

Chairman                                                                    $3035

Director of Finance                                                     $2570

Director of member Services                                     $2570

Director of Affiliate Liaison                                          $1750

Director of Coaching and Development                     $1750

Director of Marketing and Communication                 $1750

Masseurs Manager                                                     $530


  1. Bryan Glchrist spoke on behalf of the widows present at the recent luncheon provided for them and thanked the Board for looking after the ladies who reported that it was the best yet. He also thanked Paul Simpkins for his attendance at a recent Cronulla-Sutherland DRLRA meeting where Paul was the Guest Speaker and thanked Doug Keen for his attendance at the District Grand Finals.


           Meeting closed at 8.32 p.m

           Next Meeting: Wednesday 10th December, 2014, Annual General Meeting.



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