General Meeting 4th May 2015

Minutes of the General Meeting 4th May 2015






6.50 p.m


Ryde-Eastwood Rugby League Club


As per Attendance Sheets (37 in attendance)


D.Spagarino, B.Lucas ,I.McCall ,L.Packer, M.Bohan, L.Nicholls .B. Barry, S.Clark, P.Cooley.. C.Wills. I. Parnaby. T.Danks, M.Hewitt, D.Olford, D.Wintin, T.De Las Heras.



Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Chairman Paul Simpkins declared the meeting open at 6.50 p.m          


Acceptance of Apologies. Moved B.Lynch Seconded S Betts .Carried.


Gavin Reynolds presented a Video summary that he had prepared on the Refereeing career of Gary Cook who officiated during the 1960’s and 1970’s refereeing 175 First Grade games.

1Confirmation of Minutes of the General Meeting held on the 2nd March,2015.. Moved G.McCallum Seconded, B.Beveridge Carried.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

1.The decision to present an Anzac Day memento was extended further to include all On-Field Officials appointed to games over the Anzac week-end. The memento selected was a Match Day Coin for use by referees at the toss in Anzac Day games and beyond.

2. A further withdrawal from the Junior Representative Squad occurred. Anthony Grady from Illawarra who was showing quit a lot of promise.

3. The Log of Claims for 2015 and the Memorandum of Understanding for 2015-2019 was rejected by the NSWRL as it was submitted far too late.P.Simpkins, F.Leonard an M.Hewitt to meet with D.Trodden, D,Nissen and J.B.Mather in the first week of June to discuss both documents in planning for 2016.

4.Dialogue with the NRL Squad re their proposal to form their own Association continues.

5. The NSWRL Referees Coaching and Development Unit has moved into Level 2, Quad Building , 8 Parkview Avenue,  Sydney Olympic Park. Unfortunately there is not a room there large enough to accommodate a General or Annual meeting hence the move to this venue this evening.

6.Life members Luncheon to be held at Pirtek Stadium or Parramatta Leagues Club. On the 27thSeptember. Awaiting responses on room availabilities. This will coincide with NSWRL Grand Finals being played at the Stadium.

7. Some issues with getting approval for Administration Grants for Affiliates being caused by electronic equipment breakdowns at NRL level.

8. Referees Bowls Day was cancelled due to a double booking made by Leichardt Bowling Club.

9. Changes made to the Constitution through the Special resolution were approved by the Department of Fair Trading. New Constitution came into existence on the 23rd April.

Board Minutes Summaries from 25.03.15 and 30.04.15

No questions of comments made.

ADOPTION OF BOARD MINUTES. Moved R.Garwood        Seconded   B.Gately. Carried.

Executive Officer: Mr Frank Leonard



Due Date

  • Correspondence In




  • Correspondence Out


Acceptance of Correspondence Moved P.Filmer Seconded B.Cummins   CARRIED


  • CRLRA Providers’ Seminar




  • Meeting with D.Trodden, D.Nissen and B.J Mather





  • Funeral of Steve Nash




  • Revised Constitution


  • Storage


  • Anzac Coin



  • Attendances



  • Mini/Mod         Footy SIN BIN





  • NRL Season Passes


Items 3615-5615 were tabled


Items 1528-1545 were tabled.

1543 Letter from Integrity Unit in response to an enquiry from Michael Quailey ( North Sydney) .read to the meeting



As the Provider for Illawarra, attended a Seminar in Goulburn on the 7th March conducted by Jeremy Kurtz, Brad Levy and Willy Barnes.

Met to discuss the 2015 Log of Claims and the 2015-19 Memorandum of Understanding.. Both documents praised but rejected because they were submitted too late.

Attended. Sent a congratulatory e-mail to Bill Harrigan for the quality of his contribution to the eulogy. Wrote a Vale for “The Men of League” magazine.

Submitted to Fair Trading . Approved and activated   on 23rdApril, 2015.

Together with D.Keen sought quotes for storage of Association records. Kennards, Homebush selected.

Suggested the Coin for On-Field Officials and D.Keen is to be thanked for following up the ordering and distribution process.

DVD Review on the 23rd April.

Balmain Association’s 100th Year Meeting.

At his request I wrote a submission on the SIN BIN for Min/Mod Footy. Since there is no Sin Bin in either League I focussed on the replacement of players through the Captain.

Sought 68 Passes for Affiliate Executives and others . Received 53.


Director of Referee Development : Mr Matt Hewitt



Due Date

  • Attendances










  • Coaching and Development Grants






  • Visits to District Associations






  • Congratulations

Meeting of the NSWR M.D.A’s involved with 100 point system. Meeting reviewed the system following seven rounds of the competition. The 100 points system has been received well, overall, but there are opportunities for refinement. It is important that we continue to evaluate NSW Cup referees under the same system as the NRL NYC competitions.

In conjunction with Jimmy Oliveira approved the C&D Grants for Cronulla, Illawarra and St George Associations. I have the tapes and noted from the NSWRL Graded Squad video session from last week.

Following the conclusion of the Junior Representative season I will visit Affiliated Associations to observe their training and coaching programmes. Affiliates will be contacted prior to attendance.

To all the referee involved in the S G Ball and H.Matthews Semi-Finals and Finals and wish you all the best of luck,



Director of Finance : Mr Jimmy Oliveira



Due Date

  • Memorandum of Understanding









  • Pay Slips






  • Affiliated Associations




  • 2015 Budget




  • Internal Audit



Reiterated the Executive Officer’s Report on its rejection by the NSWRL. Addressed the history of submissions and presumed submission early in 2015 would meet requirements. Management change at the NSWRL led to the MOU’s rejection. Hope that the meeting in June between the NSWRLRA and the NSWRL will see benefits flow for the future.

The NSWRL is banking payments without any reconciliation being forwarded to payees. A recent change in the software used doesn’t permit breakdowns of payments. Cathy Crowe to be contacted re any problems.

Issue with Links to the NRL Data Base have not been   working but have now been resolved and registrations should proceed.

To be submitted immediately. It seeks additional funding for Coaching and Development as the NSW Cup has moved to the PROZONE system.

S.Betts indicated that he and P.Filmer would conduct an Internal Audit prior to the next General Meeting


Director of Affiliate Liaison : Mr Doug Keen



Due Date

  • Busy Part of Year



  • Attended DVD Review




  • Retention Statistics
  • NRL Ref for a Day
  • Attendances






  • Robert Culkin




  • Barry Ruttle

Made appointments to School

Competitions,]. Thanks to the referees

who officiated.

Affiliated Associations’ attendance was

poor. Must attend two out of the

four sessions otherwise C&D Grants will

be cut for 2016.

Statistics are inaccurate. NRL rectifying.

Begins on the 6th May.

University Cup RLRA Meeting.

North Sydney Referees Seminar. A very

good morning where resources for

Laws of the Game were very good.

Manly Association Meeting. Recruited

30 referees in 2015.

Permitted to have short outings from the

Nursing Home. Wally O’Connell, the

oldest living Kangaroo shares the same room.

Entertained at Anzac day Game by D.Keen, P.Simpkins and many of the bar patrons.



Director of Member Services : Mr Luke Bugden

  • Item
  • Life Members Luncheon



  • Barbecue


  • Welfare





  • Plans for Post S G Ball and H Matthews Grand Finals.


To be held at Pirtek Stadium of Parramatta Leagues Club. Awaiting responses on room availability.

Joint Barbecue for Graded and Junior Representative Squad on May 5th

D.Alchin contacted re Good Friday incident at ANZ Stadium. Long recovery period expected.

Members aware of any member in need of some support please contact Luke, Frank or Paul..

D.Keen asked what was planned. Luke said he thought the 5th May barbecue wound up the season. Agreed to adjourn to Orange Grove Hotel, Leichardt following the games.

Due Date



Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr George Jankowski

Item                                     Item


Due Date

  • Web-Site






  • Representative Round Photos



  • Balmain Referees’ Association






30.100 hits during April , second

biggest month ever and biggest single

day of 2881 hits.

Some Anzac stories on the Web-Site

Annual Report 1959-69, 1980-1989,

2009-2014 on the Web-Site

Centenary Booklet also posted.

Thanked those who assisted. Thanked

Terry Williams and Brett Lynch

At 100th Year Meeting Balmain claimed

to have the first ever Graded

referee, Arthur Ballerum ( 1) and the

last to date in Tim Robinson (985).



Chairman : Mr Paul Simpkins

  • Media Enquiries




  • Good Friday Incident








  • Visit to NRL Squad





  • Statistics from NRL Data Base


  • Anzac Day


  • Balmain Referees’ Association


Conversation with Warren Smith re ban on coaches’ criticism of referees. Informed him I supported NRL ban. Media now supporting referees.

Contact made with referees involved. Asked T.Archer what the NRL was doing and his response was very comforting. NRL personnel went tom Dressing Rooms after the game, accompanied referees from the Stadium and visited them at home the following day.

Presented Outstanding photos from 2014, spoke on the Good Friday incident, informed tem of the Anzac memento and addressed issues re the proposed NRL Squad Association.

Hoping to use the statistics to develop Retention Strategies.

With D.Keen took Barry Ruttle to Allianz Stadium as he is a Vietnam veteran. Very good day.

Congratulated the Association on celebrating its Centenary year with a 100th Year Meeting and a Centenary Dinner on the 6th June.

Due Date


ACCEPTANCE OF REPORTS: Moved: B.Gately, Seconded G.McCallum. Carried


General Business.

  1. B.Ruttle thanked the Association for taking him to Allianz Stadium. He said that the conversations he had with many people there were uplifting. He thanks G.Jankowski for the Anzac day initiative which he discussed with him some twelve months earlier.
  2. At the Board’s invitation Brett Lynch spoke on the Penrith Association’s experience with a Strategic Management Plan which has been in place for two years. Brett said that having seen the planning from the inside he was aware of how much work is involved. He said he had been through the Penrith Association’s Annual Reports and found that over a 40 year period there had been a continuous referee shortage. The Strategic Management Plan is now addressing this and strategies are being developed to hold referees. He said that fundamental to any Strategic management Plan are Goals and a commitment by the Association’s membership to the Plan.


.Meeting closed at 9.07 p.m

         Next Meeting: Monday July 6th, 2015



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