General Meeting 5th May 2014

Minutes of the General Meeting 5th May 2014






6.35 p.m.




As per Attendance Sheets (65 in attendance)


Luke Bugden, Andrew Zapantis, Dave Allen ( Central Coast Delegate), Greg Kelly, Stan Watson, Steve Carrall, Brad Levy, Jason Walsh, Nathan Waugh ( Jnr Reps. delegate), Adam Gee, Jon Stone.


Andrew Essey, Robert Culkin.

Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Chairman Paul Simpkins declared the meeting opened at 6.35 p.m. and welcomed all present. He then introduced Tony Archer, NRL Referees’ Elite Performance Manager, who addressed the meeting. Tony spoke on the preparation he undertook when appointed in a relieving position prior to his permanent appointment to examine four other elite performance models that were commercial as well as sporting. These models were examined in Australia and the United States. He has attempted to apply his findings to the NRL Referees Squad utilising a programme known as “Prozone” that is employed worldwide by some 300 sporting clubs. Tony showed examples of the information he is able to collect from any one game on two referees officiating in relation to decision making, control of the 10 metres and other trends .He also employs a numbers system whereby referees are rewarded for things done well in a game and marks deducted for incorrect decisions. This information can be used in the coaching, appointments and identification of leaders and the appointment of teams to games on a weekly basis.

The Chairman then called on all present to observe one minutes silence in respect for the passing of Lyle Buckley Graded Number 592, Robert Semmens Graded Number 648, Yvonne Ryan, wife of Life Member Peter Ryan and Joan O’Donell, the mother of Giles O’Donell whose Graded Number is 719.

Acceptance of Apologies. Moved, B.Gately, Seconded M. Dunn. Carried.



Adoption of the Minutes of the Meeting of the 3rd March, 2014 moved by B.Barry , seconded G. McCallum.   Carried.


Business Arising from Previous Minutes.

  1. As the Board meeting Summary for the meeting held on the 24th April points out, the ARLRA is undertaking formal proceedings to cancel the Association and to distribute any property owned by the 30th June, 2014.
  2. As the Board meeting Summary of the 24th April states, there will be a CMO Providers’ Training Course conducted in September in order to get metropolitan based, NSW Providers.
  3. Proceedings of the Association’s 2014 Annual Conference were forwarded to all Affiliated Associations, the NSWRL and the NRL.
  4. Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Graded squad is expected to be in place by the 1st July, 2014.
  5. South Sydney and Balmain Associations are continuing negotiations with “The Good Guys.”
  6. Developments on The Strategic Management Plan will be part of the Chairman’s Report.
  7. Robert Culkin to be presented with his Ambassador’s Blazer at tonight’s meeting.

Board Minutes Summaries from 28.03.14 and 24.04.14 were tabled.Confirmation moved P.Holland, seconded B,Gately.Carried

Executive Officer:                                                      Mr Frank Leonard




  • Correspondence In


  • Correspondence Out


  • Acceptance of Correspondence Moved B.Lynch, Seconded S.Hampstead.   CARRIED


  • Revised Constitution




  • Group 6 RLRA and Western Suburbs DRLRA



  • Strategic Management Plan



















  • Executive Officer’s Travel Claims






























  • Membership and Fees for New Zealand Referees involved in NRL and NSWRL controlled competitions.


  • Survey of Ground Facilities












  • Proceeds of the Sale of the NSW Leagues Club



Items 02914 to 05414 were tabled with copies available for all present.

Items14027 to 14045 were tabled with copies available for all present.




Because the Parramatta office of the NSW Dept.of Fair Trading has closed, forwarded to Bathurst Office for approval.

Conflict resolved thanks to a proposal prepared by Col White being agreed to by Group 6 RLRA.

Meeting between J,Nunatella ( Penrith DRLRA) , D.Keen and F.Leonard initiated further discussion between the Chairman and J.Nunatella. Outcome of this was a formal proposal from J,Nunatella that was submitted to the NSWRL at a meeting involving the Chairman, Executive Officer, D.Trodden and B-J Mather. D.Trodden to respond by 10thMay re possible funding and personnel that might assist. NSWRLRA has formed a Working party consisting of P.Filmer, I.Parnaby, M.Damaso, D.Luttringer, R.Turner and the Board .Object is to develop a Model S.M.P that the District Associations can use to develop their own Plan. One of the sixteen Associations has a S.M.P at this time.

Executive Officer stated that when he came to the position in 2009 he was informed that he could not claim for travel to General Meetings, Board Meetings or any activity that fell within his role description. The Director of Finance prepared a Log of the Executive Officer’s travel for May to December, 2013. He travelled 12,140 kms on NSWRLRA business but was eligible to claim for only 6,427kms. At the old travel allowance rate of 35c per km he was out of pocket $2249.45. A new rate was introduced in June 2013 by the Board of 70c per km and supported by the Internal Auditors. This rate placed the Executive Officer out of pocket $3,687.00. Rumours of his rorting the Travel Allowance rather than seek an increase in Honorarium circulated in December 2013 and April 2014. The Executive Officer said if the meeting was not happy with his claims the options were to move a vote of no confidence in him or a recision motion to take the rate back to 35 cents. S.Betts moved that the Executive Officer’s Travel Claims be endorsed. B. Gately seconded the motion which was Carried.

Referees have agreed to become members but yet to respond to fee suggested which is 50% of the normal fee.

Graded Squad surveyed on change room, shower and hot water availabilities at suburban grounds. Nine grounds reported as lacking in one or more areas. Report submitted to NSWRL together with information on Grants available from a $ 4m Fund established jointly by the NRL and NSW Government and a “ Daily Telegraph” campaign known as “Fair Go for The West “.Issue to be forwarded to the NRL.

Executive Officer attended an informal information meeting of the NSWRL General Committee where information on the proceeds ( $9.5 million) from the sale of the Leagues Club was discussed. Annual General Meeting of the Leagues Club on the 6th May will explore the issue further.


Director of Referee Development:                            Mr Greg McCallum




  • Tony Archer




  • S G Ball and H.Matthews Finals

Greg thanked Tony for his input into the meeting stating that it has been a long time since information from the NRL Squad was provided in this way.

Congratulated the referees involved in the finals series on their performances especially those to be appointed to the Finals on the 11th May.








Director of Finance:                                                    Mr Jimmy Oliveira




  • Collective Bargaining Agreement



  • Grants



  • Membership fees


  • Sponsorship

Meetings held with Matt Damaso. Working toward having in place by July 1st.

All but three Associations have received Grants. Held up by on-line registration of referees issues.

To be deducted in June to allow for claiming in Tax Returns.

Stepping Stone Properties offering $2,500 for each Association that provided information on those who successfully purchase an investment property.

“The Good Guys” looking for other Associations to sponsor.




Director of Affiliate Liaison:                                     Mr Doug Keen




  • South Sydney RLRA


  • Video Session


  • Attendances


  • Posters

Assistance provided to overcome a

chronic shortage of referees.

A couple of Referee Coaches from

District Associations in attendance.

St George, Canterbury and North

Sydney Association meetings.

Recruitment Posters given to delegates

for distribution.


Director of Member Services:                                  Mr Luke Bugden




  • Report Circulated






Outline of Social activities for the year forward to all members.

Junior Reps, Graded members combined training and barbecue On 6th May. All welcome.

Retro Training Night on Tuesday 13th May.



Director Of Marketing and Communication:

Mr George Jankowski




  • Lyle Buckley’s Blazer



  • Twitter Account
  • NRL Referee Achievements


To be presented to Terry Willams for

inclusion in the Museum at League



Pointed to a number of milestones

achieved that appear on the NSWRLRA



Chairman : Mr Paul Simpkins

  • Congratulations




  • Presentation of Ambassador Blazer










  • Meeting with D.Trodden

Chairman congratulated all referees appointed to representative fixtures identifying them all. Carried by acclamation.(See Attached )

Chairman called on Greg McCallum to speak to the award of the blazer to Robert Culkin. Greg said that it is not often that an organisation has someone who, at 98, remains active in his Association. The Chairman presented the blazer to Robert who then spoke of receiving his First Grade ticket at a meeting in 1944.Robert displayed the ticket he had brought with him.

The Chairman reported on the meeting attended by himself and the Executive Officer as being supportive of the move to develop a Strategic Management Plan stating that some funding would be available and personnel recommended to assist. Documents tendered were taken away for consideration.


N.R.A.S Report

N.R.A.S Manager, D.Keen reported that four level 3 Applications had been processed and that the Level 2 Course was now On-Line but available only to those selected by their District Association to register and complete .



Michael Lewis, Head Coach of the Junior Representative Squad, announced the appointments to the Finals to be played on Saturday 11th May.( See attached)



Ian McCall reported on the Bowls Day held on Sunday the 4th May where 60 Bowlers competed drawn from Asquith, Newcastle, Leichardt and sundry other Clubs. The Might and Power Trophy was won by Leichardt and the Les McReynolds Trophy by Asquith

Brien Gately thanked Brian Barry for the organisation he put into the day.


ADOPTION OF REPORTS moved by B.Beveridge, seconded B.Barry.Carried.


       General Business

  1. G.McCallum spoke on the NSW Leagues Club and was very critical of an article printed the press a week prior. The Club was sold legally and in the best financial interest of the members. Business could not continue to run and Board decided to sell. Funds quarantined by the Board amounting to in excess of $9m. The NSWRL believes it is their inheritance. The Board of the Cub wants to help Rugby league but it is difficult to do this with a gun held at the head. The Club is not at war with the NSWRL it’s just that the League wants something that they don’t have a right to.


Chairman thanked all for their attendance and the input provided by Tony Archer with an assurance that future meetings would seek to provide other forms of information through Guest Speakers.



            Meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.

         Next Meeting: Monday July




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