General Meeting 5th September

Minutes of General Meeting 5th September 2011








Sports House ,Sydney Olympic Park, HOMEBUSH


As per Attendance Sheets (68 in attendance)


S.Betts, T.De Las Heras, P.Haines (League Business), L.Potter ( League Business), M.Ward, J.O’Sullivan, M.Stone, J.Spagarino,



Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Chairman opened the meeting and asked members to remember J.O’Sullivan and Bob Styles who are quite ill.

Acceptance of Apologies. Moved B.Gately , Seconded. L.Bugden . Carried.


Business Arising from Previous Minutes .



Confirmation of Previous Minutes. Moved B.Gately Seconded M.Dunn . Carried.  

Board Minutes: Summaries from 04.08.11 and 25.08.11


  1. B.Gately asked if endorsement was sought for the Honorarium for the work done on the MOU. Chairman reported that Matt Hawkins did no want to be paid the amount but would prefer to donate the money to a charity. Moved B.Gately, Seconded B.Barry that it be paid and M.Hawkins decide as to the disbursement. Carried.
  2. G.Badger asked if a CMO Level 1 Course could be conducted to allow the NRL referees to participate. M.Dunn reported that the dates selected are the only ones available. Alternate venues are much more expensive. S.Betts had discussed the matter with W.Harrigan but difficulties not yet overcome. B.Lynch reported that the NRAS Committee is attempting to co-ordinate days and times with D.Jay.

ADOPTION OF BOARD MINUTES SUMMARIES: Moved B.Lynch, Seconded   B.Ruttle. Carried.

Executive Officer: Mr Frank Leonard



Due Date

  • Correspondence In


  • Correspondence Out

Acceptance of Correspondence Moved P.Filmer, Seconded M.Lewis   CARRIED


  • Meetings with Representatives of the NRL Squad








  • Presentation to the NRL Squad




  • National U/18 Championships.




  • Board Statement on NRL Negotiations



  • All Schools’ Carnival




  • National U/12 Championships







  • CMO Level 2 Course Dates



  • CMO Level 1 Course


  • Penrith Administration Grant





  • Annual Report




  • District Association Issues








  • Bundaberg Cup Grand Final

Items 10711-14511 were tabled


Items 1185-11104 were tabled




Together with D.Spagarino and G.McCallum , attended two meetings on Friday 12th July and Tuesday 30th August where the NRl representatives indicated that they wanted to form their own “Association.” Discussions are continuing with a further meeting planned for the 11th October.

Joined D.Keen, G.McCallum amd G.Jankowski to present Metal Badges to those who had never received same and the Graded member’s polo Shirts.

Attended at T.Danks invitation for one day and completed an evaluation on John Kennedy ( QLD) who ultimately was appointed to the Final.

Assisted G.McCallum on the drafting of a statement on the progress of negotiations with the NRL Squad.

Was referees’ Co-odinator on three consecutive days covering two grounds at Whalan Reserve and Kingswood Park.

Was Referees’ Coordinator for these Championships held in Melbourne from the 6th-13thAugust. Because of the age of the referees selected and the fact that the must be attending school,this assignment has to be conducted like a school excursion.

At the request of S.Betts dates moved from November, 2011 to the 10th, 11th and 12th February, 2012

Course established for March 23, 24 and 25, 2012.

Conceded to the payment of the Grant on the basis of the work being done by the Association to secure accurate membership information prior to entry onto the Data Base.

Established a schedule for the completion of the Report. G.Jankowski, J.Vella and self to be responsible for its production.

Spent considerable time advising and assisting Executive members from Canberra, Cronulla, North Sydney and Balmain on action to be taken around issues that had arisen for them within their District and/or Association. Supported by D.Spagarino most issues resolved,

Attend the grand final. Congratulations to R.Bowen, P.Sciberras, M.Damaso, N.Smith and J,Woods on their performances in what was an absorbing game.


Acceptance of Report: Adoption Moved   S.Charman Seconded J.Farlow. Carried

Director of Referee Development : Mr Greg McCallum



Due Date

  • Evaluation of Junior Rep Squad Coaching and Structure for 2012



  • Support for Refereeing and NSWRLRA

Same Trainers to be re-engaged. Non compulsory training in October. November sees Official training commence

In Rugby League circles there is much support for the NSWRLRA and for one Association for all referees.



Acceptance of Report: Moved M.Cecchin Seconded R.Turner. Carried

Director of Finance : Mr Jimmy Oliveira



Due Date

  • MOU




  • Administration Grants





  • C & D Grants


  • Sponsorship




Has been submitted to G.Pollard at the NSWRL. Complimented M.Hawkins on the first class job he did on its preparation.

Have been lenient on payments but ARLD has stated that most Associations still have a lot of work to get Data Base completed. Cameron O’Riordan very willing to assist..

Only 8 applications received, assessed and invoices now sought

Looking good but Arab Bank has asked for some corporate entertainment/hospitality. Also talking to Asics and currently negotiating exposure and the minimum spend expected. Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski suggested an alternate approach to ANZ Bank.




Acceptance of Report: Moved K.Badger Seconded P.Cooley. Carried

Director of Affiliate Liaison : Mr Doug Keen



Due Date

  • Phil Crews Cup


  • Adopt a Referee


  • R.Culkin



  • Grand Finals



  • Manly Golf Day
  • Indigenous Knockout Carnival

Attended game in memory of Phil Crews.

Thanked NRL Referees who have assisted during 2011.

Have taken Robert to several Association Meetings and to a Wests Tigers game.

Attended several Grand Finals Issues at some games that need to be taken up with The NSWRL Academy

Won by B.Gately, T.Danks, D.Keen.

Referees required for the carnival to be played in Bathurst over the October Long Week End.



Acceptance of Report: B.Gately Seconded C.Ward. Carried.

Director of Member Services : Mr Luke Bugden



Due Date

  • Presentation Evening


  • Brooklyn Bash
  • Peer Support

Invitations have been forwarded. Entertainment organised.

Date set. Contact D.Keen

A.Zapantis now on Committee . Several contacts made with families of referees who are ill.




Acceptance of Report : Moved D.Keen Seconded  N.Smith Carried.

Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr George Jankowski



Due Date

  • Information




  • NRL Liaison



  • NRL Presentation

Most of the information available is on

the web page. Congratulated C.Ward

on officiating in 542 games since


Have attended NRL Training and

debriefs and discussion has been very

positive re the Association

Invitations to all referees who officiated

in the competition since 1992 have

been forwarded.


Acceptance of Report: Moved S.Watson , Seconded  S.Shepherd     Carried.

Chairman : Mr Dennis Spagarino

  • Acknowledgements-
















  • Bowls Day


  • Meeting with N.McGuirk and A.Hill


  • Meeting with NRL Squad









  • Graded Members Certificates



  • Referees 300 Club





Members who have debuted at NRL Level were recognised. G.Atkins, A.Gee, D.Munro, D.Ryan, N.Beashel, B.Wood, P.Gough ( Qld)


R.Bowen, P.Sciberras, M.Damaso, Nathan Smith, John Woods who officiated in the Grand Final of the Bundaberg Red Cup were congratulated on their performance in the game played on 3rd September..


Chairman congratulated those appointed to Grand Finals in the Districts. Positive feedback received on the performance of District referees.

Attended . Congratulated the Bowls Committee on a great day.

Very positive meeting. Both support the NSWRLRA.

Discussions are proceeding in a very positive manner. Latest positions have been put and we are moving ahead to ensure referees are supported and remain strong as a group. There will be no changes made without bringing issues back to the General meeting. Welcomed NRL members present at the meeting

Liam Nicholls, Kasey Badger, Scot Murray and Ryan Jackson presented with Certificates.

To be launched at a function at Randwick Racecourse in 2012. R.Turner has done a lot of work on this and has been working to get accurate information

Due Date


ACCEPTANCE OF REPORT: Moved: T.Danks, Seconded S.Watson. Carried



Trainers consulted re Optional training in October .

Coaches have been circulating through the Districts in the off-season looking at potential referees for the Junior Representative Squad.


Outlined Level 2 Course coming up.

Referred to change in Level 2 process that was approved by the NRAS Committee.


Very good Bowling Day enhanced by presence of Chairman, Executive Officer and Director Of Affiliate Liaison. Guest Speaker was G.McCallum who was outstanding .Discovered in research for the day that G.McCallum had presented speeches on refereeing in the House of Commons and House of Lords whilst in charge of referees in England.



Life Membership Nominations.

S.ClarkG.Jankowski D Jay nominated at the meeting on the 4th July. Chairman called for additional nominations.

B.Lynch moved by L.Bugden, seconded M.Dunn.

M/Lewis moved by Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski seconded B.Gilchrist



Tony Danks appointed Acting Chairman. Meeting approved honorariums distributed to the meeting as a recommendation from the Director of Finance.

       Executive Officer                                                          $3,850

Chairman                                                                         $2,860

Director of Finance                                                         $2,420

Director of Member Services                                          $2,420

Director of Affiliate Liaison                                               $1,650

Director of Coaching & Development                             $1,650

Director of Marketing & Communication                        $1,650


D.Spagarino thanked the meeting stating that the Directors were there for referees not themselves and it was a pleasure to serve them.


General Business

  1. B.Ruttle reported that J.O’Sullivan wished to thank the Association for the flowers and for the visit by a representative of the Men of League.
  2. T.Danks announced appointments for the Semi Finals. Chairman congratulated all those appointed.
  3. B.Gately asked if an official photographer could be available for the Seniors/Life Members luncheon.
  4. G.McCallum drew attention to the launch of the Women and Girls Coaching and Development Committee and sought RSVP’s from Associations.


            Meeting closed at 8.28 p.m

         Next Meeting: Monday December 12th, 2011




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