General Meeting 6th July 2015

Minutes of the General Meeting 6th July 2015






6.40 p.m


Quad Sports House, Sydney Olympic Park, HOMEBUSH.


As per Attendance Sheets ( 30 in attendance)


D.Keen (League Duties), M.Hewitt (League Duties)t, L.Bugden ( League Duties),I.McCall, D.Spagarino, S.Watson, M.Damaso, R.Best, B.Barry, G.McCallum, K.Aylett ( Newcastle) P.Holland, J.Younis. S.Clark ( League Business) C.Wills. A Zapantis, D.Olford ( League Busines) R.Jackson,R.Garwood, B.Lynch., B.Gately



Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

The Chairman Paul Simpkins declared the meeting open at 6.40 p.m

Acceptance of Apologies. Moved D.Briscoe, Seconded., G.Jankowski.  Carried.


Business Arising from Previous Minutes .

1.The 100th Anzac Day Toss Coin memento was very well received by those selected for its reception.

2. The 2016 Budget and Log of Claims is being prepared for submission to the NSWRL by the end of July as requested. The League has advised that the best we can hope for is the 2015 Budget allocation plus 2%-3%. On advice from the League the MOU has been restricted to 2015-2017 because of the possibility of changes emerging from the Shane Richardson Review of the game.

3. No further developments that we are aware of have occurred in the move by the NRL Squad to form their own Association.

4. The constraints of the premises in which tonight’s meeting are being held is of concern to the Board. This includes access to the building, parking and rooms available that are small and of limited availability. The Ryde-Eastwood Club charged the Association $310.60 for the May Meeting and the catering was very unsatisfactory. Suggestions are a return to the NSW Leagues Club , League central or r to Canterbury Leagues Club if we can get George Peponis to strike a deal for us.

5. The Life Members Luncheon had to find another venue as there was no room available at Pirtek Stadium on the day of the NSW Grand Finals. It will be held at The York Function and Conference Centre, 99 York Street, Sydney on Saturday 3rd October, the day before the Telstra Grand Final. Invitations have been forwarded to Life members, Non-Active-Non Life members and the Graded Squads. Steve Edge will deliver the Laurie Bruyeres Recitation.

6. A new date has been struck for the Referees’ Bowls Day. It will be held at Leichardt Bowling Club on 23rd August.

7. Hard Copies of the Revised Constitution are available. Orders to be given to Luke Bugden.

8. Matt Hewitt progressively moving around the Affiliated Associations to review their Coaching and Development strategies and programmes. Associations will be advised prior to his attendance.

9. The Grand Final of the SG Ball competition was refereed by Martin Jones ( Canberra) and the H.Matthews Grand Final by Tim Hannon ( Penrith) .Martin Jones was then appointed to the National Club Interstate Under 18 Grand Final between the Townsville Stingers and the Cronulla Sharks won by the Sharks. The post S G Ball and H Matthews function organised by Doug Keen and the Junior Representatives Presentation Evening , again organised by Doug were very well received and he is to be congratulated on his efforts .

10. Payee Pay Slips now providing a breakdown on payments. The NSWRL would prefer that payments are made a s a Lump Sum as in the period prior to 2012.

11. Problem with Links to the NRL Data base have been overcome in most cases. Problem relates to members entering details themselves as opposed to being over by Associations.

12. There was a change made to the NRL Ref for a Day programme for 2015 where Tony Archer asked that all referees selected come in on the one day rather than over the season.

13 Darren Alchin has made a good recovery from the Good Friday incident where he sustained a shoulder injury and is back in training for triathalons.

14. Balmain Referees’ Association’s 100th Dinner was a memorable occasion where many past and present members of their Association were recognised through Special Awards. Congratulations to Scott Todd, Phil McMahon and their Organising Committee on a great evening attend by in excess of 250 guests.

Confirmation of Previous Minutes. Moved,T.Danks Seconded. S.Hampstead Carried.


Board Minutes Summaries from 28.05.15 and , 25.06.15 were tabled.


Adoption of Reports moved S.Hampstead, seconded I.Parnaby. Carried.

Executive Officer: Mr Frank Leonard



Due Date

  • Correspondence In















  • Correspondence Out








Sean Hampstead moved acceptance of Correspondence. Seconded, Damien Briscoe-Hough. CARRIED.

  • Attendances























  • Governance















  • Meetings











  • Other Activities

Items 5915-7515 tabled for discussion

6715.Executive Officer informed the meeting of negotiations with Luke Watts ( N.Z) and had established a membership fee of $100 for referees consistently officiating in the NRL and $50 for those consistently officiating in NSW Cup fixtures. Board to discuss the possibility of Honorary membership during their active careers.

7415 Issues raised by David Field relating to South Sydney Association being addressed by the South Sydney Junior League


.Items 1546-1574 tabled.

.1560.1561,1566 Executive Officer outlined the background to the referee Exchange Programme which is a joint initiative with the NRL,, the Panel nominated to make the selections of two CMO’s and two referees to participate and the dates for the Exchanges into Melbourne and Darwin.


End of Season Combined Barbecue and Training for the Graded Squad and Junior Representative Squad.

Attained Limited Access Passes for State of Origin I for self and D.Keen to photograph the U/16 and State of Origin Officials. Organised Ben Cummins to take photographs in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Attended Newcastle- Coalfields General Meeting with D.Keen and T.Danks. Very impressive numbers of 69 and meeting conduct and agenda.

Attended Junior Representative Squad’s Presentation Evening.

Attended Balmain Referees’ Association 100th Dinner.

CRLRA General meeting at Panthers Club on 4th July as a guest and was invited to address the meeting. Spoke to a letter from Steve Clapson re MDA’s attending Country Championships, the Referee Exchange, the Shane Richardson Review of the game and the possible move to National Control of Referees as suggested by what is happening in Western Australia.

Supported the Referees Exchange programme and was a member of a three person Panel that selected the two CMO’s and two referees to participate.

Forwarded a Vale on Steve Nash to the Men of League Foundation.

Secured Steve Edge to present the Laurie Bruyeres Recitation at the Life members’ Luncheon.

Prepared Invitations for Non-Active-Non Life members and Grade Squad members for the Life Members Luncheon.

Prepared Invitations for Partners of Former graded members’ Luncheon.

Contacted Peter Filmer seeking completion of the Strategic Management Plan.

Met with T.Danks, D.Keen and C.Crowe re All Schools’ Carnival. Invited John McKeown and two N.Z Referees to the Carnival and organised their accommodation. Contacted St Mary’s Leagues Club re the Tuesday Evening Dinner.

Met with D.Trodden, D.Nissen, B.J Mather, P.Simpkins and M.Hewitt re   Associations MOU, 2016 Budget and 2016-17 Log of Claims. 2016 Budget to be with the NSWRL by July 31st.

Wrote to Central Coast Association President and Secretary offering support, assistance and advice if and when required.

Together with P.Simpkins prepared two Pro Formas:- i) To collect signatures of permission from the NRL Squad to deduct membership fees from their August payroll and (ii) a Project Planning Document for Board members.

Attended the PSSSA U/12 State Knockout at Cronulla with D.Keen for three days assessing eleven applicants for the National U/12 Championships in Darwin. Selected Brayden Lee ( Penrith) and Corey Fisher ( Parramatta). Recommended to the CRLRA that Lachlan Greenfield ( Illawarra) and Harriet Hunter (Group2) be considered to represent the CRLRA. Both were selected.

Attended the DVD Review for Graded Squad , MDA’s and District Coaches.


Director of Referee Development : Mr Matthew Hewitt




  • Attendances



















  • Pillar 3 of the Strategic Management Plan







  • Coaching and Development Grants


  • Referee Exchange programme

Attended the following District Associations’ Training and Skills Sessions: Canterbury, Cronulla, Parramatta, Penrith and Western Suburbs.

Meeting of NSWRL Management in relation to the MOU and Association’s Budget.

Junior Representatives Presentation Evening.

With P.Simpkins, met with T.Danks in relation to forthcoming changes to the structure of the coaches for the Junior Representative Squad.

Met with NRL and NYC Coaches in relation to the performance of referees in that competition

Two Video Sessions with the Graded Squad.

Currently reviewing the role of the Director of Coaching & Development as currently specified in the SMP and the Constitution with regard to the areas of responsibility and influence available given that the NSWRL has control of many of those responsibilities.

Approved Grants for Canberra, Balmain, Parramatta and Penrith.

Involved in the decision to co-operate with the NRL in this programme and was a member of the Panel that selected Gary Haines ( Penrith), Ken McNaught ( Parramatta) Jake Sutherland ( Central Coast) and Daniel Luttringer ( Parramatta) who will represent the Association and the NRL in Darwin and Melbourne.


Director of Finance : Mr Jimmy Oliveira




  • The MOU, Log of Claims and 2016 Budget

























  • Grants





  • Internal Audit

The NSWRL insists that the Log of Claims must reflect parity with other kindred Associations such as Qld., and the CRLRA. Parity does exist with Qld in the Senior Grades but not the lower Grades.. Our Grade Squad will be surveyed and the MOU submitted by the 31stJuly.CRLRA figures should be with the Executive Officer within a week.

Despite the NSWRL stating that we can expect no more than 2%-3% the C.P.I increase is being sought. Match Day Assessors are also being included in the claim.

Chairman , Paul Simpkins explained that the NSWRL is not threatening to reduce payments. Much depends on the changes coming. A one year deal, he felt, puts us in a good position to go forward. Ian Parnaby asked if a motion stating that we would not accept any reduction was necessary . The Chairman advised that that would be declared at the meeting.,and, therefore, not necessary.

Several Associations are yet to apply for Coaching and Development Grants. Directors of referees are reminded that they have been available since the 22ndFebruary, 2015.

To be undertaken on Monday 13thJuly, 2015.


Director of Affiliate Liaison : Mr Doug Keen




  • Attendances


















  • Affiliated Associations Liaison





  • Other Actions




State Under 11’s at Tamworth with 4 District referees from Penrith, St George and Cronulla who all went very well

Video review night with Districts and grade squad

Balmain’s 100th Anniversary dinner

Immortals Championships

Parramatta Refs Training

Grade training sessions

Junior Rep Presentation evening

Canterbury Refs Exchange with Gold Coast refs at Peter Hislop Oval

Norths Referees Meeting

PSSA Dinner for 12’s Championships at Cronulla

Presented to Interchange and Concussion officials at season halfway mark

15’s Championships at St Marys checked on our 2 appointees

Penrith Referees Training

Referees for 12’s State Titles, Meeting Dates and training sessions for Associations

Immortals for Refs and CMO’s

Met with Brad Levy re NRAS matters

Assisted on Committee with Matt and Frank to select the 2 CMO’s’s and 2 referees with exchange for Darwin and Melbourne which will be held on weekend of 24th to 26th July 2015.

Thanks to Frank Leonard who volunteered 3 days of his time to go to State Under 12’s titles and help choose 2 referees for us to send to Darwin Nationals as well as recommending 1 for Country fromIllawarra Referees.




Director of Member Services : Mr Luke Bugden







Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr George Jankowski




  • Funding Available to Sporting Clubs

1.          Holden Offers Support To   Sporting Clubs

Local sporting clubs are an integral part of the Australian way of life, much like Holden. 
That’s why we’ve made a long term commitment to helping grass roots sport by giving local clubs 
the chance to upgrade their facilities with the Holden Home Ground Advantage project.
You can apply for a grant of up to $10,000 or $100,000 for your club

2.          2015 NSW Footy Facilities Fund

A press release from the NRL on the Friday the 3rd of July 2015
NSW Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres and the National Rugby League (NRL) today announced the NSW Footy Facilities Fund is now open for applications until 12th August 2015.


Chairman : Mr Paul Simpkins

  • Relationship with NSWRL



  • Attendance


  • Meeting with NRL Personnel


Gleaned from the MOU, Budget and Log of Claims meeting that the NSWRL is very supportive of what we are doing.

Junior Representatives Presentation Evening.

Invited to attend a meeting with T.Archer, N.McGuirk and T.Greenberg. on the 21st July 2015.This should benchmark how they see us and how we can work with them. I will take the Strategic Management Plan along and speak to it.



Acceptance of Reports : Moved: S.Betts, Seconded D.Wintin.. Carried



General Business


1. Moved P.Filmer, seconed D.Wintin, that the Association write to the National Rugby League regarding the determination by the NRL Western Australian Rugby League that the W.A RLRA can only affiliate with the NRLWA and no other League Body. Given that the NSWRLRA is unofficially recognised as the Head Body for referees in Australia the WARLRA should be able to affiliate with it just as the County Rugby League Referees of NSW, Central Coast RLRA, Newcastle-Coalfields RLRA , Victoria RLRA and WARLRA have had dual affiliation with NSWRLRA for many years.. There is a clear need to draw a line in the sand on this issue lest this be seen as the first step in the National Control of Referees and to revisit it and look at the advantages that kindred groups , such as Rugby League referees, derive from affiliation with other Associations… Knowledge, support, resources ,exchanges, interaction and a wider network for working together towards improvement. Because the core activity is refereeing Rugby League Associations must be able to coexist with other Referee Associations. Carried.


2D.Wintin spoke on his request to include in the Strategic Management Plan some reference to the pursuit of the consistency of the application of the Laws of the game across all Leagues to eliminate the confusion that has been created for referees who move from Mini, to Mod to International League all in the one day and then watch a further variation in an NRL game on television in the evening.


3. The Executive Officer stated that Pillar 3 of the Strategic Management Plan was currently being modified. He also stated that all Directors must now make some reference to their monthly activities as they fit with the Pillar for which they or another Director are responsible The Executive office said that unless there is a commitment to the Strategic management Plan there will be none forthcoming from the membership.


3. The Executive Officer made a plea for the membership to consider succession planning in terms of the Directorships available on the Board. He asked that Active referees considering or actually retiring in 2015 be approached and asked to consider standing for Office in 2016. Alternatively, recently retired referees or Life Members to be approached.


4. The Executive Officer reminded the meeting that nominations for Life Membership and the George and Amy Hansen Trophy must be submitted prior to the September meeting. He will forward the criteria to all members.


5. The Annual Referees’ Bowls day will be held at Leichardt Bowling Club on Sunday 23rd August.




            Meeting closed at  8.20 p.m

         Next Meeting: Monday September 7th September, 2015

                                   Venue to be advised.




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