General Meeting 6th May 2013

Minutes of General Meeting 6th May 2013







6.46 p.m.


Sports House ,Sydney Olympic Park, HOMEBUSH


As per Attendance Sheets ( 56 in attendance)



Members On League Business

Non Active

Junior Members

Life Members



Jason Higgins, Matt Damaso, Jimmy Oliveira, Dan Olford, Nick Beashal, Phillip Sung,

Brendan Lucas, Scot Murray, Chris Treneman, Jeff Hartup, Ziggy P-Adamski, Richard Daizli,

Lawrence McDonnell, Scott Shepherd, Liam Nicholls, Peter Sciberras,

Kasey Badger and Gavin Badger 18

Adam Gee, Ben Cummins, Gavin Morris, Jeff Younis, Jared Maxwell, Dave Munro, Russell Smith,

Jon Stone, Chris Ward and Ricky MacFarlane (10)

Steve Clark, Andrew Zapantis, Sean Hampstead, Tony De La Heras, Martin Ryan, Stan Watson 6

Rickii Monk, Todd Smith, Kieren Irons, Faye Breslin, Josh McGowan,

Mark Bohan and Daniel Luttringer (7)

George Jankowski, Luke Bugden, Brian Barry, Ian McCall, Michael Stone, Max Dunn,

Michael Lewis, Greg McCallum, Doug Keen, Tony Danks, Dennis Spagarino, Steve Betts,

Phil Cooley, Peter Filmer, Steve Clapson, Bryan Gilchrist and Jack O’Sullivan, 17

Mark Ward (Wests), S.Watson (Norths), D.Luttringer and Andrew Essey (Parramatta)

J.Oliveira (Uni Cup), N.Beashal (Newcastle) R.Monk(St George), B.Lucas and T.Smith (Manly)

Martin Jones (Canberra), K.Irons (Souths), F.Breslin (Cronulla), J.McGowan (Central Coast),

Barry Beverage (Balmain) and M.Bohan (Penrith) 15

Glynn Henderson, Shayne Hayne, Greg Tunks, Brien Gately, Frank Leonard, Brett Lynch and

John Connor



Acceptance of Apologies. Moved Barry Beveridge. Seconded Ziggy P-Adamski .Carried

Minutes and Actions of this Meeting

Motion of Condolence

Chairperson called for one minutes silence in memory of the passing of the mother of George Jankowski

Anneta, the mother of Max Dunn, Elsie and the Wife of Greg Boyd, Jan Minutes of Board meeting of March and April were tabled


1. Chairman was to contact Nathan McGuirk re Workers Compensation and address to NRL Squad.

Nathan M to supply date within 2 weeks to meet NRL Referees

2. Peter Bungate issue.

Chairman sent Letter to Pete Bungate, re outcome of Q and A from Tony De Las Heras and Tony Danks

3. Details of AAMI sponsorship

All on field and off field gear should have AAMI logo, as requested from Nathan McGuirk

4. SCCC progress to Director of Referee Development Report.

Many hours spent on appointments, now Tony Del assisting with grading send off

5. Meeting with Workplace Relations Committee

On-going and with Board support

6. Feedback on discussion between Chairman and Nathan McGuirk re Gavin West

Due to confidentiality and legal reasons, issue has been frozen, until further notice

7. G.Carr and T.Danks advised of endorsement of Social Media Policy of the NSWRL

All members are have now accepted this

8. L.Lawira advised that a donation of $100 would be forthcoming or the Wheelchair R.L. Fund Raising Dinner.

D.O.F. has received board approval and sent funding of $100

9. 2013 Law Books for international and Mod League are now available from the NSWRL Academy.

D.O.A.L to organise 60 books and distribute to NSW Cup active members, coaches and MDA

10. Enquiry re presence of members of the Women’s Development Committee on the Footy Show during “Women in League Week”.

Sara Harpley to organise, no feedback yet, Tony De Las Heras to follow up

11. Estimate of cost from the NRL Squad to complete the negotiations on the CBA

No figure reached yet, pending future negotiations, NSWRLRA to support NRL Group

12. Progress on cost of shoes/boots for all Active members? ( D.Keen)

Boots ordered and received for NSW Cup members, NRL squad still pending membership and sizing

13. List of Non Active members who are not financial

Current list as at 24.04.2013 supplied by D.O.F.

14. 23/35 widows advised of the date, venue and time of the Widows Luncheon. No addresses for the other 12.

Date set as 27th July, venue to be the NSWRL Club

15. CMO Course Update cancelled due to lack of numbers. ( D.Keen)

16. Sarah Harpley advised of Board’s endorsement of her election to Chairperson of the Womens’ Development Committee, urged to contact Tony De Las Heras

Still has not contacted Tony Del Las Heras, Tony to call her and follow up

17. Laser Printer purchased. Fuji Xerox costing $399.

18. Summary Sheet developed. Can act as a list of possible subjects for “A Stone’s Throw”.

All Directors to supply President with 3 relevant topics to by end of April


i) Development of a Strategic Management Plan.

ii) Date, Venue and Type of Function for honouring those that qualify for the 300 Club.


iii) Application for NSWRL or the NRL Gold Passes for those members of the NSWRLRA who have attained 300 games

iv) Three years ago we carried a motion that the Referees’ Bowls Association receive a grant of $1,000 per year. The Bowls day is on the 5th May

v) Ideas to encourage members to next meeting, ie, TV to watch game post meeting, door prizes

Put on hold untill August 2013

Date and venue to be discussed with NRL squad with idea to tie in with Col Pearce Medal presentation.

Letter to Nathan McGuirk to ask the question

Approved to pay $1000

To be paid

Agreed that member should attand if they wish





vi) Men of League to be notified re Russell Turner now qualified for 300 Club

vii) NSWRL Special General Meeting with new structure and constition accepted

viii) Medal to be produced for 300 club function

ix) Members of NSW Cup and Junior Reps to be notified that fees were being deducted

To write to M of L and notify, by G.Jankowski

To email all members of details, by G.Jankowski

To make enquieries on cost and availability

To send email re fees deduction





ADOPTION OF BOARD MINUTES. Moved Greg McCallum Seconded Brian Barry. Carried.

Business Arising from Correspondence

1. Mr Dennis Spagarino asked about a letter that Chris Ward had sent to the NRL

Chairman responded, and said that it was done without the knowledge of the EO, and the matter was resolved with no further action pending

Moved Tony Danks. Seconded Peter Sciberras. Carried.

Acting Executive Officer: Mr George Jankowski



Due Date

• Promotion of 300 Club Function t.b.a. at end of Year

Looking to the NRL for Gold Pass

• Attended Parramatta, where Tony De Las Heras does

A presentation

Penrith, where Steve Clark does presentation and

Doug Keen does update from NSWRLRA

Milestones Ricky McFarlane and Adam Reid 100 NRL Games

Matt Cecchin 150 Games in centre at NRL

Steve Clark 200 Games as Video Referee

Russell Turner 300 Games as Touch Judge

• Director of Referee Development : Mr Tony De las Heras





Women in League week

Parramatta Referees with presentation

Judiciary of SCCC, re grading of charges with J.Highland (NSWRL)

Very time consuming

referees are swapping districts in SCC

Canterbury and West Referees very helpful in filling appointments

Next meeting 8th May Sports House

No response re Footy Show tickets

Tony to follow up with Sara Harpley

Director of Finance: Mr Jimmy Oliveira



Due Date University Cup Golf Day Membership Directors Liability Insurance for 2013 N.S.W. M.O.U. for 2013 N.R.L. C.B.A. Good Guys

Bank Balance

General Fund

On Line Saver Account

Negotiated 2013 Referees fees

No limit on numbers

Fee to stay at $50 per person

Free for L.Matthews son and a Sponsor

Letters to be sent to active members

Non Active financial list supplied

Paid $1092.71

Half way through completion

To continue with Board support

Sponsorship presentation on May

Districts great response to do more

$64 775.53


$64 492.44

Director of Affiliate Liaison: Mr Doug Keen



Due Date


Penrith Referees meeting

NRL Referee for the Day

Recruit a Ref

NRAS Level 1 Course

Providers Course

Referees Needed


Meeting with Brad Levy

Newcastle Referees training

Police Country Championships 3 days

South’s Referees meeting

Now commenced, in 6th year

$12 000 to be distributed soon

Run with 20 attended on 24.4.2013

On 22.05.2013 at RL Central

Police and Schools Comp

Assisted Luke re distribution

to NSW Refs

Awaiting for responses from

NRL Squad

CMO courses and district items discussed

Director of Member Services: Mr Luke Bugden





Bowls Day

Booked room for J/Rep G/Final Function at St Marys 4th May

J/Rep Presentation Dinner 31st May

Booked Rugby League Museum tour on the 24th May for members

Widows Lunch booked for 27th July at NSWRL Club, Phillip St Sydney

Sent to Max Dunn re: mother funeral

Sent to G.Jankowski re; mother funeral

On the 5th May, items to be supplied for raffle

300 Club

Member Welfare

To organise medal

Venue t.b.a. with a lunch in September

Costing to be determined

Peter Fitton in Nursing Home at Toongabie with dementia

Director of Marketing & Communication: Mr George Jankowski



Web page hits

Vale sent to Members

20 500 in April 2013, up 4600 on last year

Max Dunn mother Elsie Dunn

George Jankowski mother Anneta

Greg Boyd’s wife Jan Boyd

Chairman: Mr Michael Stone

Announcement of Babies

Conversation Adam Devcich

Peter Bungate Application


Meeting with Nathan McGuirk of the NRL

1. Gavin West – what is the present position? 2. Silvia and workers compensation talk – what is the

Lawrence and Karen Macdonald has Anne Jade born 17th of April

Grant and Lisa Atkins has Lexi Grace, she was born the 3rd of April

Jeff Hartup and wife have 1st child on the 24th April named Oakleigh Clara

Supporting NRL Squad and C.B.A.

Letter sent, waiting for response To appointed Junior Rep G/Final and recent Rep Games This is a difficult one at this stage as the matter is on-going and due to the nature of being an employer/employee issue there is a level of confidentiality required. We will keep you in the loop though as the matter develops.

Will try and arrange a date over the next

present position in getting her to talk with the NRL guys? 3. Adam Devcich rang and asked what the Association’s position was on the CBA. Naturally I said that, given that we had allocated funds to legal expenses last year, that we supported the Referees in their dealings with the League(s). Notwithstanding that no-one on the Executive has apparently laid eyes on the draft proposal at this time. 4. There is a great deal of disquiet re the Video Referee situation. At our last meeting you agreed that the personnel making decisions needed to be appropriately qualified. The danger of having unaccredited people making calls should be obvious to everyone. Coaches must attain a level of accreditation in order to gain an appointment and so do Referees. The Australian Sports Commission registers such accreditation courses and oversees any changes. I understand that Paul Simpkins resigned due to the fact that decisions were being made by unaccredited people. If this is the case, then clearly our members are being disadvantaged. The question has been asked as to why bother with the NRAS protocol when the most important decisions at the highest level are being made by unaccredited people? . 5. Lastly, can you confirm for my own peace of mind, that AAMI logos should be on ALL on field and off field gear worn by ALL graded Referees. ie NRL and NSWRL personnel. fortnight to finalise this. I will speak to Don Stuart to arrange a date when the squad is in.

Currently there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement in place with the NRL Referees. I believe Adam wishes to come in and discuss a number of issues with us which we are willing to listen to, but my initial reaction would be to question the need of a collective agreement.

The three former players have completed the educational components of their qualifications. At this stage they are still in an advisory capacity in their roles, but having a greater say in the decisions on obstruction following the interpretation changes following round 4. There was some confusion regarding pay levels for video referees which was quickly clarified. We will continue to educate these former players as the season continues. I am hoping to contact Paul in coming weeks to discuss his issues and see if there is some way to stay involved in Refereeing


ACCEPTANCE OF REPORTS: Moved: Brian Barry Seconded Max Dunn. Carried

1. Other Reports

Dennis Spagarino

Spoke of the change to structure and board of the NSW Rugby League change

New structure and new constitution being voted in, Board reduced to 6

New Chairman Dr George Peponis, new Chairman John Chalk, no more a V.P. no vote for Country

2. Bowls Day Report

Brian Barry

Thanked Doug Keen on attendance and donation of clothing, 60 Attended, Asquith and Leichardt Clubs

Thanked G. Jankowski for advertising the event. Next event is Sunday 8th September at Newcastle

3. Work Place Committee Report

Jimmy Thanked Adam Devcich and Brendan Lucas

4. Golf Day Report

Jimmy Oliveira

Thanked Phil Cooley for finding a sponsor to cover cost of Green Fees

No limits to number of members to attend

5. Good Guys Report

Jimmy said that 4 districts have accepted sponsorship, adding up to $50k

To present at next state conference

Notice of Motions


General Business.

1 Awards. The Nick Euclid Award, presented to the Under 18

National Final, referee appointed was

Jeff Hartup, presented by Dennis Spagarino

2 District asked to support One Community Awards. All were asked to bring a nomination to next

General meeting in July

3 Max Dunn Thanked Board for Flowers re Mum

4 Doug Keen Invitation to Video Training night 23rd May

Selling Golf Shirts for $20 each

5 Dan Luttringer Thanked Tony De Las Heras for attending

Parramatta meeting and hold training session

Meeting closed at 7.40 p.m.

Next Meeting: Monday July 1st 2013


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