ISP Appointments – Round 9

The appointments for Round 9 of the Intrust Super Premiership competition are now available.


To view them, in PDF format, please click here and it will open in a new window

Dear Members,



You’ll be pleased to know that we are officially launching our new website today Tuesday 25 April 2017. ANZAC day.


The website is user friendly, provides a lot of information and is a fresh new look for the New South Wales Referees Association.


Feedback is welcome in any form. Meeting your needs is the goal, suggestions are invited as once we see ourselves sitting comfortably it’s a signal to re-evaluate again in the spirit of continuous improvement.


You will see new graphics, links to everything you need and recognition of our current sponsors in Brydens Lawyers.


Also you will note all of our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all been refreshed.


The site link addresses are below.







Any posts or images of game days are encouraged – please consider and communicate to members at training, at the next general meeting or via email to


[email protected]


A new free APP/ICON for your smartphone with guidance as to how to install it will be forthcoming soon. The benefits are that you will be one touch from the appointments page; good for partners, family and friends to easily access where you are if you so chose to install it.


You are absolutely encouraged to follow all platforms and engage appropriately through social media. It’s an opportunity to share moments, images as well as promoting refereeing to people who want to start their career regardless of age.


The new website is user friendly, lifts our profile and embraces all levels of refereeing in keeping with the tradition of the New South Wales Referees Association.


Important to note that launching a new website without delay is highly beneficial for a number of reasons:



1. Having you use the site allows you to make suggestions, which can be tweaked at anytime, plus it allows our association to identify any wrinkle that may present.



2. We increase the exposure of our proud sponsors as they are prominently placed on the site and link directly to their website.


Any feedback is welcome at any time.


New South Wales Rugby League Referees Association.


– See more at:

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