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Lee Hagipantelis

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For over 45 years, Brydens Lawyers has assisted people who ordinarily would have been able to engage legal representation. Opening its first office in Liverpool, the litigation firm now has branches throughout Sydney and NSW.

Brydens Lawyers was established by Ian Bryden who was “determined that there was work for him where the people were.” According to Principal, Lee Hagipantelis, “at the time the greater south west of Sydney was the final frontier.”

Brydens Lawyers originally specialised in the prosecution of personal injury claims. Although this remains its primary focus, the firm now provides a range of legal services in relation to conveyancing, family law, superannuation and total and permanent disability claims and commercial disputes.

“It’s the law firm for ordinary Australians who generally would be unable to afford the engagement of lawyers. It provides expert legal advice and representation to those persons who are struggling with everyday legal issues.”



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