#RIDE4ROCKET – Trent Elkin, Former NRL Referee Conditioner

Many ex and current NRL Referees had many a season and session with our much revered trainer Trent Elkin.





It was tough going yet his intentions were for the best. From North Sydney Oval to Stadium Australia, from the warm-up track at Homebush to the Wanda sand-hills! The stories will forever be told and remembered as a badge of honour. Trent made us fit beyond belief and made training mentally and physically tougher than any NRL game. I have to admit to throwing up on Rod Lawrence twice on my 2nd session in 2003 at ANZ – he never missed a trick and we copped penalties galore for the slightest error in missing instruction. All Dennis Spagarino could do was laugh uncontrollably.

Priceless moments and those of us who were fortunate enough to have been trained/conditioned by Trent will forever hold that common bond. He was tough and he made us tough.

Trent and his mates are embarking on an admirable ride for Josh. Keep reading below and share this story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It would take just one minute to do so. #RIDE4ROCKET



To raise some much needed funds for Josh Rees (Rocket) who was born with cerebral palsy – he is a local Shire boy (one-eyed Sharks supporter). Josh has just undergone treatment for cancer. Confined to a wheelchair, Josh relies on his wheelchair to get around and has to use public transport or a Taxi service. We would like to raise some money to get Josh’s mums car converted to allow his wheelchair to go in, or ideally a specialised vehicle.

Josh’s mum is his primary and only carer, Josh’s Dad David tragically died of cancer in 2014.


We are a group of mates with a passion for cycling, who will ride from Sydney to Wagga to fundraise for Josh and his mum.

How Can You Support?


Please join this facebook event #RIDE4ROCKET, follow our progress, help to attract sponsors and feel free to donate.

– Sponsorship

– Donate Supplies / Equipment / Services

– Donate – Any amount small or large

– Donate per day or donate per kilometre

– Help share, promote this event with your contacts

– Join the group, follow our progress and keep sharing for our cause.

Click this link to Donate #RIDE4ROCKET –  https://www.gofundme.com/ride-4-rocket/donate

The Ride 622km

Wed 27 Sept | Day 1 – Caringbah to Huskisson – 167km

Thu 28 Sept | Day 2 – Huskisson to Murrumbateman – 209km

Fri 29 Sept | Day 3 – Murrumbateman to South Gundagai – 166km

Sat 30 Sept | Day 4 – South Gundagai to Wagga Wagga – 80km

Sun 1 Oct | Rapha Dirty 130 Gears + Beers Festival

The ride will finish in Wagga on Saturday then we will complete the Dirty 130 on Sunday followed by a few cold ones at the gears and bears festival – www.gearsandbeers.or.au

We would like to invite anyone interested in joining the bunch!

About Josh

32 years old.
Cerebral palsy since birth.
Lives at home with Mum who is sole carer.

Doesn’t think his disability should prevent him from doing the same things able bodied people can do. However it does. He spends a lot of time by himself because social networking is very limited when you rely on someone else for transport. Uses Social media to keep contact with school friends and acquaintances.

Interests….Sport (ONE-EYED SHARKS SUPPORTER!), Fancies himself as an Olympic Games expert, Movies… especially anything directed by Ridley Scott.

He is a family man. Enjoys spending time with his sister & nephew. Really looks forward to birthdays and celebrations that draw aunties, uncles & cousins together.

In 2016 he attended the Australian Film Television & Radio School where he finished a Diploma in Editing. This year he commenced an Advanced Diploma in Visual Effects but had to withdraw due to health issues. 

David, Josh’s Dad, lived for almost 20 years with cancer. Sadly, in 2014, David died. Joshua misses his Dad terribly. He no longer has his support physically or emotionally.

Josh needs his manual wheelchair to get around, however he was having difficulty and his mum was finding it harder and harder to push him. After much consideration he got a power chair in 2015. This opened the world for him. He no longer had to struggle to get anywhere. As he gained confidence he went further. He is quite confident that he can go anywhere.

In February this year Joshua was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Because he had seen his Dad’s battle with cancer, his anxiety levels went through the roof. He thought he was going to die. Joshua had months of chemotherapy. He came through with flying colours, very brave, very accepting, determined to beat it. Which he did.

Now he wants to go out into the world and do stuff. Unfortuantely he can only go on public transport or via taxi. Josh’s Mum would like to buy a vehicle that can be converted to carry his power chair so they can go together, p erhaps he will be able to go places and do things that other people are doing.

A message from Josh

“Hi, my name is Josh Rees and I inspired one of my best friends, Trent Elkin to do this ride from Sydney to Wagga Wagga.

 Here is a bit of background about how Trent Elkin and I met and why he has become one of my best  friends today.

I first met Trent in 2000 through his personal training business he ran at the local leisure centre in the Sutherland Shire in the Southern Suburbs of Sydney called Fine Tuned Fitness, where he trained me and another person with a disability to improve our lives through exercise.

Trent and I trained an hour session each Saturday for a period of three years before he became an NRL Trainer.

We have kept in touch through phone calls over the years when he was involved in the NRL first with the Cronulla Sharks and then with the Parramatta Eels.

Our strong friendship continues today and we talk and get together whenever we can.”

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