Send Back (OFF) Saturday! – Mick Stone

Canterbury’s Peter Kelly and his effort at the SCG in 1986.

It surely is the quickest send off in the history of rugby league.

Straight from the kickoff, Kelly catches South Sydney winger Ross Harrington high and is fired off by referee Mick Stone.

As the story famously goes, Kelly was dismissed so fast, that he beat the bugler who had played the last post, off the field.

Despite playing all bar one tackle of the game with 12 men, Canterbury beat the Bunnies on that round 8 day in 1986 by 26 points to 2.

1986 was the last time a premiership game was played at the SCG on Anzac Day.

Nothing like being decisive Mick….!

A clip here to see it…was it even 8 seconds? They claim 16 seconds…who’s counting – it was the quickest of all time.


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