We Never Accept Disgusting Behaviour – Ever

Today, 20AUG2017 in Canberra Ashley Klein and his team were essentially assaulted by a so called and now banned ‘fan’ of the NRL.

Under the New South Wales Rugby League’s initiative of #RESPECT & #LetThemPlay – this disgusting act has no place in the game if you are a refereeing U/6’s through to NRL level.


Never be afraid to report it. The only way to stop bullies is to stand up to them through the right channels. Referees at all levels have to stick together as one.

It takes a special person and passion to be a rugby league referee yet we as a collective never have to cop abuse in any form especially what Ashley did today in Canberra.

Look after each other no matter what grade, level or district.

Share this on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms and make your voice count for the betterment of refereeing. It’s our game too. #RESPECT

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